Nintendo E Shop Update (5th June 2015)

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I'm still a little heart broken that Lord of Magna was not on sale at this side of the world. but I'll just grit my teeth in and figure out if there is an actual way to do so. There is however the digital version. And some good offerings this week on the E Shop as well.


Adventures of Pip (USD 14.99): Platformers are never in short supply. And this one is another. But take my word for it, this lovely looking platformer is pretty fun. While, not as awesome or complex as Shovel Knight, it's still pretty awesome for the price.

WiiU Sale

Go get Journey of a Special Average Balloon. It's on discount until 14th June 2015. It doesn't get any more special than this.


Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven (USD 39.99): Hey! Another RPG from Marvelous and from the guy who made, you know, Rune Factory and Harvest Moon.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (USD 9.99): So, AVGN decided to make their own video game. Ok, aku dah gatal tangan. Time to spend some time making my own game. Freemium style maybe. :P

3DS Sale

Eh, nothing note worthy. Unless you want the 20 dollar Lego Ninjago game. That isn't so bad.

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  • Why no virtual console sale!? Me very very upset!

    Emlyn on

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