About Kyo and the Game Mart

Kyo is a half Malay- Half Chinese (you don't get that everyday) Malaysian who has been gaming since his kindergarten days (That would be what, 6 years old?). His dad mainly blames himself for giving him a Micro Genius (an NES rip off that had Mario in it) after scoring well in his kindergarten exams.

This store is basically Kyo's loveletter to his dad that he didn't make the wrong decision at all. He made one that would benefit himself, his son, his family, and the Malaysian gaming community 20 years later.

Kyo began in 2007 when he was hanging out with a bunch of his Nintendo friends at the Nintendo Kopitiam thread (still alive and kicking!). Inspired by their love of original gaming, Kyo decided it was best that he helped the whole Nintendo community by providing as much Nintendo original gaming possible. 8 years later, and he is known to be one of the most relied on sources for original Nintendo gaming.

What would Kyo be selling:
  • Original Nintendo Games of Asian, US and sometimes Japanese regions
  • Original games for other platforms such as Sony Playstation and the Microsoft Xbox 360s&Ones.
  • Original Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox Hardwares
  • Gaming related stuff that Kyo can find and can interested in selling
  • A hugeload of PS3 used games and some rare Collector's Items as well

Based in Cheras, Selangor, he is happily gaming and intends to spread the message as loud and as clear as possible: HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE! :D

Fun Facts:

- Kyo stopped playing Pokemon when Gold came out. He decided to "take a break" after that series. He never got back. Ever since. (For fear of addiction)

- Kyo is an avid lover of fighting games. All manner possible, even Divekick is interesting to him. But his first love will always be King of Fighters. (hence his name)

- Kyo thinks that the only FPS games worthy of playing is Call of Duty II and Battlefield II. Everything else is just meh. (Yes, even Killzone.)

- A good RPG is not the final fantasy series. IT'S CHRONO TRIGGER . FF7 is a close second.

- Kyo is interested in cosplaying as Solid Snake someday. The young one. Not the rapid aging one.

- Kyo doesn't play any sports games. Serious. Last game he touched was NBA Live 2004. And that was DAMN FUN.

- Kyo thinks that if you value your time and your life, don't play PUZZLE QUEST. Just, don't.

- Kyo also cosplayed as Iwata during the Kyo's Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Launch Party. He had no regrets whatsoever. Owh, did Kyo mention that he did the party? Don't believe him? Look for the party at : Kyo's Pokemon ORAS Launch party