FAQs that Kyo gets all the time...

Updated on 14 January 2020.

1. What is this Kyo’s Game Mart?

A humble and small little online store selling video games. My expertise is in the Nintendo and the Playstation side (Now I have to figure out how to handle the Microsoft side). I have been operating for 13 years now since 2007.

2. Where is your shop? Do you have an address I can go to?

On Saturdays and Sundays, I will usually open my booth at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. The location is normally in front of Pos Malaysia at Level 2. If you want to know if I will be open on the upcoming weekend, checkout and subscribe to the Events section at my Facebook Page.

Alternatively, I will open my store on various expos and bazaars or create my own events once in a while. I will keep you all updated on Facebook's Event reminder, so subscribe to that to find out where I will be next.

On the Online front, you can buy games here on the website, or through Lazada:

3. Why don’t you have a physical store so that I can go visit you? I don’t feel comfortable buying online / I had bad experience buying from online stores.

If you find it hard to do so, I am almost always open at Amcorp Mall on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am until 5.30 pm. I'm not available before or after those hours on those days or any other days though.

4. Can I get your contact number? I can deal faster that way.

I usually don’t hand out my number to people that easily. You may always contact me here since it’s a lot more public. I will only provide my contact number once a deal has been made. Or, you can go to my Facebook page and find it. haha.

Speed is not my game. Satisfaction with a sound mind is.

5. If I can’t Private Message you , what other way can I contact you?

I can be e-mailed at

6. Do you sell other games?

Occasionally, I would sell a few Xbox 360/Xbox One games, PC games, PS3, and PSV Games, and some retro titles as well. If you have something you like, go ahead and ask.

I have a huge library of PS3 & PS4 used games now if you fancy that stuff. And you can always have these at Amcorp Mall every weekend.

7. Do you provide warranty for your items?

As most of the items come from importers around the world, I find it very difficult to provide warranty. If there is an official presence on the item, then the warranty will come from them.

8. Do you provide at least a 1 week warranty?

If you have any console issues within the first week of purchase, please let me know and I will manage it the best way possible. Usually, a 1 week 1 to 1 exchange policy is possible if the console is faulty the moment you got it. But I will not be responsible for any loss should any act of God occur to your console.

For games, there's a 1 week warranty from the date of purchase.

9. Would you help me set up my console?

Actually, I prefer not to. Since the console is new, I prefer if the buyer holds it and turns it on first. After that, I am pretty much ok to answer the questions that you have regarding the setup of the console. I wouldn't mind handholding your activation of your console though.

But if you really need to, then I will have the right to ask for your details to put into your console.

10. Would you help me set up my Nintendo ID/ PS Plus Account/ Xbox Live Gamertag?

Unfortunately, I will decline on this. These methods are best explored from the Google side. :p

11. How come you are so late in replying my message?

I am just a one man store. Lone ranger. So, it is pretty hard to juggle my personal life, this business, deliveries, stocktakes, and my health as well. Haha.

12. What time do you usually reply your Private Messages (PMs)?

I usually can reply PMs and email queries within these hours:

- 10am until 8pm daily.

If I don't reply during lunch time, that just means I am really busy. Haha. If I don't reply, it's probably because I have my off day (On Wednesdays), or it's a Public Holiday.

13. Do you have an opening and closing time?

Technically, an online store is open 24 hours. However, I would like to limit my replies and posts from 10.00AM to 8.00PM daily.

14. Can I ask you to help me get Super Rare title?

You can, but be prepared. Some prices are just way too exorbitant and quite high.

15. Kyo, do you have a discount code that I can use before I purchase my games? I see got one box in there that I can put the discount code at checkout.

Well, you can ask. If I have one, I'll pass on over to you. If not, then, you can earn it. Hoho.