Nintendo E Shop Update (31 May 2015)

Written by Kyo on

Well, it is a Splatoon week. But doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to some other parts of the E Shop that's going on. Lets take a look


Splatoon (USD 59.99): Squids, ink, multiplayer. It may sound wacky, but it's very good. In fact, a little too fun for it's good perhaps.

Don't Starve: Giant Edition (USD 14.99, and extra free copy for you if you buy it before 28th june! So buy and share it!): If you're looking for a Gamepad utilised game, walah. This would be a good one. It may be old, but trust me, it's still worth your time.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 is however on discount at the E Shop. but you gotta remember the game is slightly annoying even if you get to swing around Manhattan.


Nothing good. Cave Story is not the Cave Story 3D you wanted for the 3DS though.

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