The Nintendo Switch FAQ

General Queries

  1. What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest console which varies the flexibilities of a portable console while also making it possible to become an amazing home console. Picture a tablet, with removable controllers,  that you can play anywhere and easily hook into a huge TV to continue the playing at home.

  1. What are the contents that come with the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch (the tablet), Left and Right Joy Con (separate controllers), Grip (joining both controller to one), Left and Right Joy Con Strap (So you can wear the Joy Cons like the Wii Remote)

A Dock (to hook to the TV), USB-C Adapter (to charge the Switch or power at Dock Mode), HDMI Cable (for TV purposes).

Depending on where you got it from, you will be given a manual or not. The Asian version doesn’t have manuals (when it first launched) but does have the contact information for Customer Service from Maxsoft if you need it.

  1. Currently what versions of the Nintendo Switch is available in the Malaysian market?

When it comes to versions, I’ll say the 3 important ones: Launch version, Version 2 with Enhanced Batteries, and the Switch Lite.

Launch Version is… exactly what it is: The Switch that came since 2017. This version may not be easily obtainable anymore what with the Version 2 being released now.

Version 2 with Enhanced batteries has a longer battery life than the first. And a little more improvements to the console’s performance.

The Switch Lite is the different one. It’s a Switch, but only playable as a Handheld and is smaller than the Switch. You can’t hook this to a TV, so certain games may not be playable either.

  1. The Switch looks like a Tablet. Can I use it like a tablet?

Well, maybe not entirely. It is still more of a gaming device. But expect apps to slowly appear on the Nintendo E Shop (Nintendo’s digital store of games and apps) that makes the functionality of the Switch more than just a gaming device.

  1. How do I play games on the Switch?

Physically, with cartridges! Yes cartridges are making a come back in home consoles (Sorta). And that cartridge may even look like the size of your thumb. Digitally, you can buy from the Nintendo EShop.

  1. Must the Joy Cons be connected to the Switch at all times?

Nope. Here’s the beauty of the Switch: The Joy Cons can be taken off, played with the Joy Con straps, attached to a grip, or even given to another player immediately for multilplayer play.

You can’t cabut the Switch Lite’s Joy Cons. So, live with it.

  1. So, I can immediately play with another play by just giving them another Joy Con?

Yup! This is one of the best features of the Switch: Local Multiplayer gaming immediately. While not all games can do that still (like Arms, the punching game), but it’s a welcome feature to have again so that you don’t have to fork out money to get an extra controller when purchasing the Switch.

You can use another controller to pair with the Switch Lite if you really need to play 2 person Smash on a fricking tiny screen.

  1. Is Nintendo still under the region locking thingy that they implemented in the last consoles?

Take a deep breath with me here… The answer is…. NO! The Switch is region free! Meaning all the games from all over the world will work on your Nintendo Switch! We’re talking about the physical copies of course.

  1. Hurm, what if I wanted to buy Digital Games from other regions on the Switch then?

There is an old trick here that you can use. But, I am not willing to disclose yet at the moment.

  1. Why not?

Let this man take time with the console to explore this feature. I’ll get back to you when it’s ready. Although, it’s not really a good idea though.

  1. Will it damage my console?

Nah, nothing like that. Just that, a grey line between legal and illegal. Sorta.

  1. Ah… I think I get what you mean.

Lets keep it on the hush hush then. Cough.

  1. Say if I don’t want to get the Asian version, is it ok to buy from other regions in the world?

It’s a Yes and No kind of answer. I normally tell people: Buyer beware. So, I’d immediately tell people if they are getting warranty or not for the items. Having warranty definitely doesn’t hurt. That’s the good thing. But if you’re ok without it then that’s fine too actually. You’re probably set in getting whichever that works best for you then.

  1. Do you have a Switch Kyo?

Well, yeah of course I do. Gots to.

  1. Are you going to add more questions to this FAQ?

Hopefully on a weekly basis. We shall see.

16. So what's the difference between the old Switch models and the new revised 2019 ones?

Easy. On the outside, nothing at all. Ok maybe the new red color box, but really that's it.

On the inside, that's where the magic lies. The processing power and the motherboard has been given an overhaul plus new parts that makes the battery more efficient to handle for longer hours. But the battery itself didn't change.

17. Is battery everything for me?

Well, if you happen to play the Switch a lot on the go, then yes. It's going to. Because it now lasts up between 4.5 to 9 hours.

18. What about the Switch Lite?

It's smaller, cheaper, and is supposed to suit people who prefer to play a handheld console purely. And yeah it does. 

19. Now then Kyo, where do i get the console?

I sell it. And a whole bunch of other retailers sell it such as Gamer's Hideout, Impulse Gaming, Heavy Arm just to name a few. 

Just a note though: If you're buying locally, try to ensure the unit is Asian and is distributed by Maxsoft. At the very least, you have warranty coverage for the console that you bought.

20. You don't seem to be advertising yourself a lot more than when you wrote about the 3DS.

Well, there's plenty of options and ways to get it. I am just one way and method. Plus I feel like helping others by giving specific places that I think have done well for the community.

Plus me writing "I sell it" is good enough.

21. What's the standard price like? What about colors?

Supposingly, it's at RM 1350. Well, at least that's my pricing from my distributors. The downside is that there is no actual bar that we have to meet unlike Sony Playstation 4's that are sold at Sony Centers. 

In terms of colors, it's the same all the way. Minus which Joy Cons you pick. And also any special editions that you are tempted by.

22. What's the average price for games though?

I will say it is around RM 100 to RM 259 last I checked. And these are the prices for new games of course. Used games are a different beast all together.

23. Ok! I got the Switch console from one of those guys you mentioned earlier. What do I do now?


24. That's it?

Yeah. What else were you hoping that it would do? Make you guacamole?

25. Erh... How do I turn this thing on?

If you have doubts, the moment you open the box there will be instructions right on the side for you to check on how to set it up. Plus, the power button is on the top left of the Switch anyways.

26. It's on. So what's next?

Follow the wizard. Choose your language, choose your country (Lets start with US first), accept the EULA, choose the Wifi you have at home (if you don't have one that's fine), hook to the TV (if need be), choose your Icon for your profile, and your done! Ok i overlooked the parental controls, but that's up to you.

27. So, why are we choosing the Americas again?

Simple: Malaysia doesn't have a Nintendo E-Shop. At this point, you can even choose Japan if you want to, but since you're playing this in English, start with the US first.

28. So, I'm done with the setup. What's next?

Go play your game! Or visit the Nintendo E-Shop to download demos and what not. It is entirely your call.

29. The Switch is asking me to update. Should I?

Erh... Yeah?

30. How long will the Switch last battery wise if I play it on handheld?

Here's a simple way to know:

The Older Switch Models: 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours
The Newer Switch Models: 4.5 hours to 9 hours
The Switch Lite: I don't know yet. Waiting for an actual unit. But on paper it's 3 to 7 hours.

31. Wow that's a lot of hours.

I got a little confused by thinking if I should caps lock the h letter or not.

32. I meant the difference.

Owh yeah that too. The Newer models are more efficient anyways.

33. Back then there used to be battery packs for the old Switch. What about the new ones?

I have not seen those yet. But if I do then that's another way to improve battery life at least.

(The following is actually a repost from my 3DS FAQ. Because it really is just the same thing anyways)

34. Alright time to get into the Nintendo E-Shop! And now I can't? What gives?

Well, for starters, make sure you put a country that does have a Nintendo E-Shop. Again, Malaysia yilek E-Shop.

35. So... How do I use it?

Pick a country that has it. It can be US, or Canada. Your call. Then we shall create your Nintendo Network ID.

36. Wazzat?

It's the account that you use to access the E-Shop in order to buy stuff and get it locked to your account. The same ID has existed in the 3DS and the WiiU, so if you have them, you can put them in here as well.

37. How do I get that?

You will need your email address, your full name, a FAKE US ADDRESS and you are good to go. Owh, this needs to be registered as you are connected to the Internet. So, that too. Key in the details as instructed and walah. (Yes I copy pasted from the 3DS FAQ.)

38. Wait wait wait, A FAKE US ADDRESS???

Remember how I said that Malaysia doesn’t have a dedicated server issue? Well, this is the somewhat workaround for people who don’t live in the US. That being said, it does not have to be “fake” per se. It needs to be an address within the US itself.

39. Urm… Sounds complicated. What address in the US can you use then?
Young padawan, I can show you the door, but only you can walk to it.

40. Did you really have to go Star Wars on me?
Do or do not. There is no try.

I can’t supply you that info because that would be against the law. But I have been mentioning a specific uncle that has been helpful all this while for that detail no?

42. Google?
You said it not me.

43. You just copied everything from the 3DS FAQ.

If it ain't broken...

44. OK FINE.

Don't fix it~

45. Ok, I got the ID setup and everything is now working fine. What kind of content can I expect from the Nintendo E-Shop?
Loads! You have got cheap digital exclusive games, E Shop exclusive games, demos, videos attached to recent games and so on. There is a whole lot of stuff here.

46. Whoa awesome. But, how do I go around buying this thing?
Using the US Nintendo E Shop Cash Code. Well, provided you set the Switch to the US of course.

47. When you say US Nintendo E Shop Cash Code, I am guessing that my Australian or Japanese E Shop Cash Code won’t work on my US console right?
Right you are. E Shops are region locked as well. Still locked on that end.

48. Where do I get the E Shop Cash Codes?
Kyo has them consistently. Serious. I am your easiest option to buy the E Shop Cash Codes. Find them at the Products page. Not sure where?

However, as alternatives, your reputable sellers from earlier also sell these without a doubt. You can also try and hunt them online from other providers. But, from what I heard, not that reliable. Stick to your local retailers, or Kyo. You can’t go wrong there.

49. But you only sell the US ones…
You can always ask me for other regions. I can get them too ya know.

50. How come the price for the E Shop Cash Code is expensive? I thought it is a direct USD conversion?
Not at all. That is simply not the case. In the US, what happens is that the cash codes are charged at an extra USD 3 from the amount that you wish to purchase. For example, a USD 10 would go to USD 13 instead. This is common everywhere in the US.

TLDR, USD 3 is our untung. Also, I have written about this topic in legnth from a previous blog post.

51. Ah I see. Ok I have gotten myself a code now. How do I go about redeeming it?
Head to the Nintendo E Shop, access Menu, scroll down to “Add Funds”. Then, click on Redeem a Nintendo eShop card and key in what you got.

52. Can’t I do this at the “Redeem Download Code” under Menu?
That doesn’t work. That only applies to digital games that you may have been able to buy from or Ebay as examples.

53. Wait, I can buy from them? Why should I buy from you then?
Well, go give it a try.

54. Crap, it doesn’t accept my Malaysian Credit Card.
I rest my case.

55. You knew about this didn’t you?
Of course. But I believe the best teachers are experience and our own mistakes.

56. You cheeky b*st*rd.
/Lights up a cigarette.

57. Kyo! How come I’m being charged for taxes on the E Shop! This is not right!
Then the state setting that you keyed in incurs taxes. Also, make sure that the address you keyed in and the state and the zip code matches all the way. If not, it won’t work.

58. What if I still want to use my Malaysian Credit Card for the eShop instead? Is there a workaround to this?
There have been reports that the Canadian eShop accepts Malaysian Credit Cards for the past few years now. And there has been no change to that in recent memory. However, in order to access this, I believe you need to create a separate Canadian Nintendo Network ID and go through all the process again from earlier. So, choose wisely.

59. Choose wisely? How come? What’s the worst that can happen?
When it comes to using the Canadian eShop, it should be noted that in the event of a new console being released in the future, you would be stuck with that ID. Plus, you may no longer be able to use your Malaysian Credit Card on the Canadian eShop if Nintendo decides to cancel its privileges to you. (It happened with the Brazil Hack on the Wii in the past).

But since that's what happened to the 3DS, I apparently can say you can still use your Malaysia Credit Card on the Switch, provided it's the Canadian EShop still.

60. So, if use the US eShop, I pay more. But if I use the Canadian eShop, I risk having my games stuck in the Switch and lose access to use Malaysian Credit Card in the Canadian eShop in the future?

61. Ok, any other tips I should know about the E Shop?
Here's some:
- Find a state that doesn't charge you taxes. You can Google to find it out.
- Unfortunately, the E Shop doesn't support Malaysian credit cards. So buy the Nintendo EShop cash codes.
- If you plan to download a lot of stuff, get a bigger SD card. 32GB ain't enough.
- There's a SLEW OF DEMOS in the E Shop. That's your best bet in trying a game first before actually purchasing it.

62. What happens if my Switch breaks down?

If it's under warranty, give your friendly Maxsoft a call and say that you need to get it repaired. The paper is in the box, they will then tell you what to do to get the process dealt with. If you're not clear, follow this link of mine to find out how to do it.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership

  1. What’s the Nintendo Switch Online membership?

It’s like Playstation Plus or Xbox Live. It’s basically Nintendo’s way to force you to pay money to play games online.

  1. What comes with the Membership?

Priority, playing any Switch Game online with other players around the world. It also does:

  • Give you NES and SNES games. So far there’s 70+ of them as at writing.
  • Back up your save data to the cloud.
  • Exclusive offers. Depending on the region you took.
  • A Smartphone app that lets you talk to other players while playing on the Switch.
  1. Wait, an app to talk to others on my smartph-


  1. . Wh-

I SAID DON’T. But since you must know, Nintendo doesn’t do voice chat on the Switch. So, they do it on the phone.
But at the very least, it’s not limited to just that. There’s some first party content like sharing of Smash Ultimate Vids and Screenshots. And Splatoon 2 stats. Man, they really need to do more with this.

  1. So, what’s the price like?

Cheap! In my opinion.  4 USD for 1 month. 8 USD for 3. 20 for a year.

  1. Do I really need this?

If you fancy battling Pokémon online with other players, you have no other choice. That also applies to playing online in any other Switch game.

  1. Is the NES/SNES catalogue worth it?

Here is your answer. Only you can decide if the games are worth your time. At the very least, you can also play those games multiplayer online with others. And I believe local too.

  1. How do I get it?

If you’re using a US Nintendo ID account, then head to the Eshop to purchase it. If you don’t have the credit card for it, then you can also ask me to hook you up directly to get the Membership. I also have it in 3 months and 1 year subscriptions.

  1. Does the Save Data cloud apply to all games?

Unfortunately, no it does not. There are some that are not valid.

  1. How often is my save data backed up?

Every time you log into the internet with your Switch.

  1. Can I transfer my save file to another Switch system?

You can, provided the other system has your ID and you log it on with the ID. And then you just continue where you left off.

  1. How many save files of games can I upload to the cloud?

You know what, I’m not sure. I couldn’t find the answer to this yet. I’ll try and update this question when I get a better answer.

13. Which region for the NSOL Membership can I get?

You can take from any of the regions. US, Europe, Japan. But your ID needs to have the right address for it.

14. What's the best E-Shop in your opinion?

US. However, Canada also works (If you want to use your credit card). But it really depends on your convenience.

15. How do I change my Nintendo ID?

You have to create a few more. From there it needs to be paired to the accounts on the Switch.