The PS5 Backwards Compatibility List

Written by Kyo on

I figured it's best I start this list. It's going to look pretty rough around the edges as I add more stuff into it. But I'll get to updating as and when I can do so.

1. Cyberpunk 2077.

Features: Enhanced updates for PS5 (later in 2021)

2. Marvel's Avengers.

Features: Enhanced updates for PS5 (later in 2021)

3. Destiny 2

Yup. People are still playing this. Also has "intergenerational crossplay", meaning you can play with your PS4 brethren. The upgrade is slated for 2021.

4. FIFA 21 & Madden 21.

Got the disc for the game? Plop it into the PS5 and see the upgrades happen.

5. Marvel's Spider-Man???

OK this is actually a rumor so far. Considering the tech demo showed during the previous presentation on the capabilities of the PS5 (or it could actually be a smoke and mirror thing done for Spider-Man: Miles Morales), it is highly possible that you can play the original on the PS5. However, this is still a rumor. Plus, apparently, it is to come bundled next to Spider-Man: Miles Morales now.

6. Doom Eternal.

Rip and tear, all the way to the PS5.

7. Elder Scrolls Online.

Well, it may not be much for Malaysia, but it's still something.

Once I get more updates and whatnot, i'll happily update this post right here.Feel free to comment so that I can add more to help others.

8. Borderlands 3

You can even bring your save over. Plus new Co-Op options even.

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