The Nintendo 3DS FAQ

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Dear Kyo,


From Top left: Nintendo 3DS (The first one), Nintendo 3DS XL (Big Bro), Nintendo 2DS (Gameboy Homage).
From Bottom Middle: "New" Nintendo 3DS XL (The cool kid), "New" Nintendo 3DS (The hipster).

General 3DS Facts
1. What is the Nintendo 3DS?
It's the latest iteration from the Pokemon Company, Nintendo. Basically an enhanced version of the Nintendo DS with 3D viewing capabilities, without glasses. The picture above will show you the current lineup of the Nintendo 3DS family.

2. How awesome is the 3D effects?
To be frank, that depends on the titles of the games. If it was in the menu screen however (and the initial setup), the depth is truly where it's at. Imagine seeing something that makes you feel that there's something behind the 3D screen, even when in actuality there's nothing behind it. Pop outs are not that obvious, YET.

The "New" Nintendo 3DS XL and "New" Nintendo 3DS however has achieved what is dubbed as Super Stable 3D where at any angle you view the screen, the 3D will still be visible. It's the coolest achievement yet. It encourages you turn on 3D a lot more than the previous models.

3. Which versions is available in the Malaysian market?
For 2DS: Only the US version is made available. I have heard some people selling Japanese and PAL versions, but not that prominent.
For 3DS XL: Asian and US and Japanese. I rarely see PAL units though. Also, this is somewhat almost close to extinction. You may need to find these at outskirts of town. Albeit, at higher prices.
For NEW 3DS / NEW 3DS XL: New 3DS XL is currently bersepah (scattered) all over Malaysia. New 3DS may be tougher. And yes, this is mainly the case for the US or Asian units.

4. Why the Asian ones? What's the difference between the US and Asian ones?
There is no virtual difference, except for this:-
- The adapter for the Asian one is made for Malaysian wall plugs. The US one would have to make you get a stepdown converter (RM24 usually) or a third party adapter (RM20 Usually) or a USB Cable (RM5.30 at Daiso, ALL THE TIME)
- If you're lucky to buy a new unit, the Asian one may have Maxsoft warranty. Which is pretty cool, except for having need to send it to Singapore.

5. OK. So what games can I play in it?
The DS and 3DS games. GBA is not in unfortunately.

Feb 2013: Lets improve this with some of Sethmaster's from LYN Forum's work:
NA 3DS = US and Asian (Malaysia / Singapore Distributed ones) Games only
EUR 3DS = EUR and Australian games only 
JAP 3DS = JAP games only
ASI(asian) 3DS = US and Asian (Malaysia / Singapore Distributed ones) Games only. Asian titles do not have Club Nintendo points in them.
KO 3DS = Customized firmware, some games released as Region-Free, some region-locked to KO (I believe it also encompasses Taiwan and Hong Kong)
iQue 3DS (China) = Exclusive to China, plays only iQue 3DS games

Since I have created a pictorial guide, please refer it to this pretty link right here:

Kyo's Pictorial Guide in identifying a 3DS Game's region.

6. Is it region locked? Does my Asian/ US Console play US/ Asian region games?Here is a table explaining to everyone on the region compatibility of games for the 3DS Consoles

Your Console Region Any DS Games  DSi Enhanced Games 3DS Asi/MY/SG/UAE Games 3DS US Games 3DS Jap/Kor/HK Games 3DS EU/AUS Games
3DS Asi/MY/SG/UAE Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
3DS  & 3DS XL / New 3DS & New 3DS XL US  Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
3DS EU/Aus/PAL Yes No No No No Yes
3DS Jap/Kor/HK Yes No No No Yes No


7. That's a bummer.
Yes indeed.

8. Wait, why is the design on the box for the Asian one and the US version different?
If you noticed, the Asian New 3DS XL is somewhat ripped off from the Japanese or PAL design of the box compared to US version. Why? Well, this is thanks to our Middle Eastern friends who actually govern the production of the console there as well. And since they hold the license and they are close to the Europe counter part, well, you know the rest of story.

Differences between the released 3DS Models
1. What is the difference between the old and “New” 3DS lineup? All I know is that the New 3DS XL is so expensive now.
You can blame the currency exchange issue, but I recommend you look at the following extras for the New 3DS /3DS XL if you really need them in your portable gaming life:

- Super Stable 3D. The 3D level has improved vastly when playing on the 3DS as it's no longer limited to just being Stereoscopic. You can turn the screen in any direction and it will produce a nice 3D image for you.
- Faster processing power. More adamant in Super Smash Bros 3DS. If you don't like waiting for your game to load, then get this because it loads faster.
- C Stick. This is the built-in nub that acts somewhat like your right circle pad for camera views. However, you should be reminded that not many games support this. If your game is not in the list (check question number 31), then you really won't need this.
- Some games like Final Fantasy Explorers limits use of 3D in their game. In other words, games like that only have 3D on the New 3DS/ New 3DS XL. But not on the old ones.
- You can now play SNES games on the New 3DS / New 3DS XL through the Virtual Console and E Shop. The previous models will never have this. Sadly.

Those are the most significant improvements that the New 3DS / New 3DS XL has to offer.

2. Would you recommend me to get a Nintendo 2DS?
For some cases, I definitely would if you are interested in plonking down some money for a Nintendo handheld. Even if it is on a smaller screen, no 3D effects, the 2DS is a very good for value system. Plus it’s somewhat easy on the hands too compared to the 3DS.

Well, that is if you can find people sending over the cheap USD 79.99 units at the moment. Seriously.

3. How easy is it to get the old or “New” ones?
Frankly speaking, the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL (and even 2DS) are very hard to get compared to the “New” ones. I spoke to a few suppliers and they were more interested in selling the “New” ones instead because it’s the latest model. The previous models did take a dip in sales so that’s one problem.

Getting your 3DS Console
1. Kyo, where can I get either one of the 3DS consoles?
Locally, you have plenty of options. First off, Good Old Kyo has them for sale if the stocks are still available. Just be reminded I don’t provide warranty for consoles as I import them.

Next is more to the retailers with established shops. Within the Klang Valley area, don’t forget to check out Gamer's HideoutImpulse Gaming, Heavy-Arm and so many other retailers that are carrying the consoles for sale. Outside of the Klang Valley area, be sure to check out your local malls as well. As for reputability, the first 4 named shops that I mentioned are the ones to go for.

Internationally isn’t a good idea unless you decide to find rare consoles that never get sold in this part of the world. Some limited edition ones never come in so, it’s best to take time to figure out what do you really want.

Wait, I didn’t just say I was reputable did I?

2. Yes you did.
I did not mean to do that actually.

3. You sure?
Well………… I do need to promote myself in some ways right? Was that subtle?

4. Not very subtle.
Ok. Moving on.

5. So how much is the price for a console? And what colors are available?
For the 3DS XL, good luck on finding a new one for cheap in the city. It's pretty hard now as the suppliers within the city are phasing that out and favoring the New 3DS XL instead. (New 3DS to a certain extent). Popular colors include Black, Blue, Red.

As for price, New 3DS XL should be within RM 900 to 999 in range. New 3DS is trickier since it's usually sold as a bundle with a game. So, no plain vanilla one for you. Popular colors include Black,Blue and Red as well.

6. What's the average price for the games though?
Frankly, it can go from RM 50 to RM 200. Don't be surprised if it goes over RM 200 as well. Things ain't cheap at all. That usually happens for Japanese titles.

7. What do I get in the box of the 3DS XL/2DS/ New 3DS XL?
- The Console (DUH)
- The US / Asian Adapter (This however, is not included in the box for the New 3DS & New 3DS XL. So, ensure that your reseller provides an adapter for that.)
- The Augmented Reality Cards (There's 6 of them)
- An SD Card 4GB
- The stylus (Which is actually in the console already)

8. Ok! I got my 3DS already from the awesome reputable sellers you told me. What should I do with it now?
TURN.IT.ON. What else would you want to do? You could charge it, but you're better off turning it on first.

9. It's on. What's next?
Follow the instructions as displayed. Read carefully and make sure you follow them one at a time. If you're afraid of doing that, you can always ask me to help set it up for you when you purchase the 3DS.

10. Should I set the country setting to Malaysia?
Ah, frankly speaking, I'd recommend setting it to United States. This is for the Nintendo E-Shop purposes. We will get to that in another section.

11. What about the state in US?
Ok. Put the console down for a moment and go Google a Tax Free state in the US. Then, put that state in. We will get to this later.

12. Ok! I'm done with the setting. What should I do now?
Boot a game! Play with the music editor, do something wild. Throw it to a dog. You choose.

13. Alright fine, can I look at the menu first?

14. I've heard of system updates for the 3DS. How do I do that?
Simple. First, you can choose to log into online to get it updated Over The Air (OTA). Or, a much simpler one is to buy one of the latest games and the update would already be included in the cartridge. Just follow the steps again since it's easy.

15. Can I choose not to update? I fear I may lose some… urh… privileges.
You can do so. Just that it won’t allow the console to be connected to the Internet. If you find that is necessary, then, do what you must.

16. What's Faceraiders?
Ah, it's a fun game where you snap someone's picture, shoot them as you use the 3DS's gyro capabilities.

17. The 3DS has GYRO???
Owh yes, so you can imagine yourself being a bit of a fool if you're playing the camera too.

18. OK. My head spins when it's on full 3D. Do you sell anything that can take that away? Maybe some pills or something.
I'D LOVE TO SELL THAT IF IT EXISTED. But no, it's a matter of practice and getting used to it really. If the level is too high for your taste, the slider can adjust it just nice.

It should be noted that you may not have this issue anymore with the New 3DS / New 3DS XL. May. Because if you happen to have problems viewing 3D images, then, that sucks.

19. Owh. So, how long does the battery last?
For 3DS, at max 3D and max volume, 3 HOURS TOPS. The longest it could go should be around 5 to 6 hours.

3DS XL extends it by another hour with it's giant battery. Although the giant screen does suck it dry.

New 3DS XL doesn't do a lot more than the 3DS though. But it has some bit of improvement. New 3DS is the same.

20. Nintendo sucks batteries. What gives?
Justification would point to the 3D part, because it gives the same amount of playtime if you were playing a DS game on a DS Lite.

21. Anyway to improve it?
There's battery packs you can purchase that claim to double the life of the battery. Well, maybe not fully double, but extra juice is always good.
I however have not seen anyone sold any New 3DS/ New 3DS XL battery pack in ever.

22. How do I play the AR Card games?
Choose the setting and place the card as instructed. Have fun with the Question Mark Box!

Nintendo E Shop Specific and NNID
1. Owh! I see the Nintendo E-Shop you mentioned earlier. Wait, why shouldn't I choose Malaysia again?
Malaysia doesn't have a dedicated server that sells the content in the e-shop. That's why US is preferred in this case.

2. So, how do I go about using the Nintendo E-Shop?
Now that you have set the country region setting to US and have chosen the tax free state, then you’re almost half way done. Now, we need to create your Nintendo Network ID.

3. What is the Nintendo Network ID?
The Nintendo Network ID is your dedicated Nintendo account which you can use to purchase E-Shop contents on the Nintendo E-Shop. While this FAQ mainly focuses on the 3DS, this also applies to the WiiU.

4. How do I get the Nintendo Network ID?
You will need your email address, your full name, a FAKE US ADDRESS and you are good to go. Owh, this needs to be registered as you are connected to the Internet. So, that too. Key in the details as instructed and walah.

5. Wait, a FAKE US ADDRESS???
Remember how I said that Malaysia doesn’t have a dedicated server issue? Well, this is the somewhat workaround for people who don’t live in the US. That being said, it does not have to be “fake” per se. It needs to be an address within the US itself.

6. Urm… Sounds complicated. What address in the US can you use then?
Young padawan, I can show you the door, but only you can walk to it.

7. Did you really have to go Star Wars on me?
Do or do not. There is no try.

I can’t supply you that info because that would be against the law. But I have been mentioning a specific uncle that has been helpful all this while for that detail no?

9. Google?
You said it not me.

10. Ok, I got the ID setup and everything is now working fine. What kind of content can I expect from the Nintendo E-Shop?
Loads! You have got cheap digital exclusive games, E Shop exclusive games, Nintendo’s Virtual Console initiatives of past relics for you to play, demos, videos attached to recent games and so on. There is a whole lot of stuff here.

11. Whoa awesome. But, how do I go around buying this thing?
Using the US Nintendo E Shop Cash Code. Well, provided your console is the US console that is.

12. When you say US Nintendo E Shop Cash Code, I am guessing that my Australian or Japanese E Shop Cash Code won’t work on my US console right?
Right you are. E Shops are region locked as well.

13. Where do I get the E Shop Cash Codes?
Kyo has them consistently. Serious. I am your easiest option to buy the E Shop Cash Codes. Find them at the Products page. Not sure where?

However, as alternatives, your reputable sellers from earlier also sell these without a doubt. You can also try and hunt them online from other providers. But, from what I heard, not that reliable. Stick to your local retailers, Kyo, or the guys at Forum.Lowyat.Net as well. You can’t go wrong there.

14. But you only sell the US ones…
You can always ask me for other regions. I can get them too ya know.

15. How come the price for the E Shop Cash Code is expensive? I thought it is a direct USD conversion?
Not at all. That is simply not the case. In the US, what happens is that the cash codes are charged at an extra USD 3 from the amount that you wish to purchase. For example, a USD 10 would go to USD 13 instead. This is common everywhere in the US.

TLDR, USD 3 is our untung. Also, I have written about this topic in legnth from a previous blog post.

16. Ah I see. Ok I have gotten myself a code now. How do I go about redeeming it?
Head to the Nintendo E Shop, access Menu, scroll down to “Add Funds”. Then, click on Redeem a Nintendo eShop card and key in what you got.

17. Can’t I do this at the “Redeem Download Code” under Menu?
That doesn’t work. That only applies to digital games that you may have been able to buy from or Ebay as examples.

18. Wait, I can buy from them? Why should I buy from you then?
Well, go give it a try.

19. Crap, it doesn’t accept my Malaysian Credit Card.
I rest my case.

20. You knew about this didn’t you?
Of course. But I believe the best teachers are experience and our own mistakes.

21. You cheeky b*st*rd.
/Lights up a cigarette.

22. Kyo! How come I’m being charged for taxes on the E Shop! This is not right!
Then the state setting that you keyed in incurs taxes. Also, make sure that the address you keyed in and the state and the zip code matches all the way. If not, it won’t work.

23. What if I still want to use my Malaysian Credit Card for the eShop instead? Is there a workaround to this?
There have been reports that the Canadian eShop accepts Malaysian Credit Cards for the past few years now. And there has been no change to that in recent memory. However, in order to access this, I believe you need to create a separate Canadian Nintendo Network ID and go through all the process again from earlier. So, choose wisely.

24. Choose wisely? How come? What’s the worst that can happen?
When it comes to using the Canadian eShop, it should be noted that in the event of a new console being released in the future, you would be stuck with that ID. Plus, you may no longer be able to use your Malaysian Credit Card on the Canadian eShop if Nintendo decides to cancel its privileges to you. (It happened with the Brazil Hack on the Wii in the past).

25. So, if use the US eShop, I pay more. But if I use the Canadian eShop, I risk having my games stuck in the 3DS and lose access to use Malaysian Credit Card in the Canadian eShop in the future?

26. Ok, any other tips I should know about the E Shop?
Here's some:
- Find a state that doesn't charge you taxes. You can Google to find it out.
- Unfortunately, the E Shop doesn't support Malaysian credit cards. So buy the 3DS cash codes.
- If you plan to download a lot of stuff, get a bigger SD card.
- There's a SLEW OF DEMOS in the E Shop. That's your best bet in trying a game first before actually purchasing it.

Other Nintendo 3DS Trivia
1. In case my 3DS breaks down, what should I do?
If you bought the Malaysian version and you're still covered under the warranty period, follow the warranty card supplied. If you bought the US version, send it to a shop for repair if there exists one. I would normally recommend Games Solution at Pertama Complex. Unfortunately, Kyo doesn't do repairs. (Even if i'd like to)

Most of the retailers provide warranty nowadays. Some courtesy of Maxsoft.

What? Nintendo Video? Amender tu? (What the frik is that?) Anyhoo, Nintendo Video used to be a collection of shows made available for the US consumers. However, the videos have moved to the eShop instead. So, find them there.

3. I want to be greedy. GIVE ME NINTENDO ZONE!
Honestly, you don’t need this anymore. The Nintendo Zone used to be a Wifi Hotspot that you can download various Nintendo contents from those hotspots. This of course happens in the US. However, there has been no recent updates to it even though it’s still ongoing and still available for download. All you need is in the eShop. Really.

4. Hey Kyo, is the Circle Pad / Circle Pad Pro necessary?
Frankly speaking, not really. There's a limited number of games that support it at the moment. But somehow, the major titles get that good treatment.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Final Fantasy Explorers Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, even Kid Icarus Uprising, and Resident Evil Revelations. What, I said that twice? Owh, because every human being should play that game on the 3DS. I am serious. With headphones, in the night. Enjoy. It's horrifyingly fantastic.

(The Nintendo Wikia outlined 24 titles that supports it. Compared to the hundreds that were released, you do the math.)

This is especially not necessary if you have the New 3DS XL or New 3DS. The C Stick has what you need. But, you may want to invest in a grip instead. The New 3DS has been known to cause some sort of strain.

5. Hey Kyo, I just noticed, the market is now selling Refurbished 3DS XLs? What is this?
Refurbished 3DS XLs are basically units that have been taken in by Nintendo and they have repaired them. Once repaired, the consoles are then sold back to the consumers. Normally these units came from small defects or have had screens and buttons replaced.

6. WHOA! That sounds serious. Why is Nintendo reselling back these units anyways?
If an item can be repaired, why not? It shouldn't just be left at the corner. Besides, if you can earn money after replacing some items, i don't see a problem. Just that, be wary that these units have had pizza stains remaining on them. That being said, the Muslim community might take caution (although, I don't see a need to cuci the 3DS XL anyways).

7. How do I know the unit I'm buying is refurbished?
Stellios' Post on a Refurbished 3DS XL's Picture

The most glaring is when you see the big red tape that tells people that it is a refurbished unit.

8. KYO! What's this big blue tape that's covering a certain section of the box on my 3DS XL?
That, my dear friend, is apparently someone trying to hide the refurbished console's track. If the dude is trying to sell you and tells you it's a new unit, DON'T BUY THAT.

Mr. Shiney's "Concealed 3DS XL Unit"

9. Is it actually advisable for me to buy this?
To be honest with you, there is no real danger nor harm. In fact, there should not be. It works just fine as any other 3DS XL, just that some components may have been replaced or repaired before it was resold to you.

But if you like your items brand new, just ensure that you are not being sold a refurbished unit instead. You should not be lied to at any case.

10. What is your opinion on these refurbished units then Kyo?
Personally, I have no problem with people buying these units. Heck, I was also offered to sell refurbished units recently.

HOWEVER, I want to make it clear, that in keeping with the highest qualities possible in the 3DS XL units, Kyo will not sell any refurbished consoles unless mentioned/required to. I believe that having a new one helps a lot more in providing you with a safer feeling and better satisfaction.

11. So, if you're not selling the refurbished units, may I know who is selling them?
As I personally do not endorse refurbished products, I will not be posting names and links of those who are selling them.

HOWEVER, you are more than encouraged to take a look at the Console Couch Garage Sales thread at Forum Lowyat. There are a few who are selling that at the moment. REMEMBER, always ensure that you are getting what you asked for.

Interestingly, I haven't seen any of the units lately in 2016.

12. Kyo, why are you not selling the Nintendo 3DS anymore? (He/She meant the classic one, the smaller size)
Ah... I was told by the Official Nintendo supplier that they have sent it all back to the relevant supplier in South East Asia. Since it was not making any sales at the office, hence it was basically an ultimate decision that had to be made.