Trade Ins at Kyo's Game Mart

(update on 25 July 2019)

Got lots of games lying around your home and no one to sell it to? Come, send them over to Kyo!

Here's how you can do it:

1. Let Kyo know the platform and the title of the game first:

As Kyo currently accepts PS3, PS4, 3DS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games, it helps to let me know what titles you would like to trade in. This way I can help provide a fair value.

2. Wait for Kyo to assess the value of the game:

Based on Number 1, Kyo will then assess the value of the game for trade in. This wouldn't take too long if Kyo is around.

3. Kyo provides value, and it's up to you trade it in:

Once the value has been sent to you, it's up to you to decide if it's worthy or not. Once you have made your decision, you can post the game(s) over to Kyo by Poslaju or any method you desire.

4. Store credit / Kyo Coins are sent by email!

This is the last step. Once the games have been received by Kyo in the condition mentioned, I will then send over the Store Credit that you can use on the website for anything you see. Heck, the store credit may even allow you to change for a new game altogether if you so desire.


1. Why should I trade in with you Kyo?

I have been getting a ton of second hand or used games questions because people can't really afford to buy a new one, or it's just out of their budgets. That's fine. But I have also have people who literally aren't doing anything with the game they have, and they're not even collectors. So, by being the middle guy, I get to help both. And the number of people who asked for used games are so so much. T_T

2. Aside from the platforms you mentioned, will you consider taking in games from older generations?

That depends. If the title for the older generations is ok with me, and you're ok with the price being traded in, then sure I see no issue. Not every game is like Xenoblade Chronicles, where the price will rise from time to time.

3. Kyo, you're trade in value is very very low.

Agreed, but that's because it's how the second hand game trade in prices work. I already wrote a lengthy post from this, but even major game retailers like GameStop won't give you 50% for your game. Their rate is worst.

4. If I am not ok with your trade in value, I don't have to agree right?

Of course not. You are welcome to ask for a quotation anytime.

5. Kyo, what if you suddenly decide to drop the value of the game that was traded in?

While there is a possibility this may happen, I will say these are rare occurences. For example, in the event that suddenly the condition that the game arrives is worse than I expected it to be (or was told), then I have absolute discretion to lower down the trade in value. You will however be informed though.

6. What if during halfway when you get the games i traded in, I change my mind and want my game back?

You can do that within a day after the game has been received. But if you have used the store credit, or even exceeded that 1 day limit, then your game is mine and you will have to purchase it back.

7. What do you actually do with the traded in games Kyo?

Easy, I find buyers who want it instead. So that you don't have to. It will definitely go to a better home. If I feel like I have nothing to play (which is near impossible), then I'll play your game first and then sell it. Haha. The goal for the trade in of games is for it to go to a better buyer.

8. What about consoles Kyo?

Sure I can accept this. But the store credit attached to this will be harder to assess and will only be available after I am satisfied with the console being traded in.

9. Can you pick up my games at a location I nominate?

You may suggest that, and I will consider. Alternatively, it would be better for you to send the games at the place that I have mentioned in my deliveries page.

10. What if I want to trade in a game for a preorder?

Sure you can! The store discount that you received can be applied to the preorder of titles that you want. 

11. How do use I the store credits / Kyo Coins?

Easy. Once you have completed the buying process at Kyo's Game Mart, pay attention the top of the page right before you complete the purchase. You will see a box to key in your discount code. That's the box for you to key in your Store Credits / Kyo Coins.

12. If I have any questions on trade ins, how do I contact you? Easy as that. :D

13. Do you have a trade in's list that I can refer to? Just so that I don't waste too much of your time asking for the price.

Nah. Don't have it. That's mainly because the price can change from time to time as well. And the list will just work as a reference of the game you want to see. It's never gonna be final. 

14. What if I want Cash instead?

Sure! Come on over to Amcorp Mall and I'll see how I can arrange that. It could be by bank transfer as well.