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I am thankful for a great number of things. A home, wifi, and awesome customers. Aside from that, i'm always happy to get new supplier to leverage on new things to get for sale. With that in mind, I am proud and excited to announce the new PC Digital Code section is now live and kicking!

How the PC Digital Code section works is the same with how you purchase an E Shop or PSN card. Place in your order, pay it, and the code will be sent to you as you require. That easy and that simple. Once you received the code, you can then redeem it at the specific place that the code is made for. Here are some of the participating platforms tat the games will be available for:

Valve's Steam EA's Origin Ubisoft's Uplay Blizzard's

I may even get Xbox Live codes once in a while. So that's pretty neat.

Response time for these codes however will be within the day after the payment is made. I foresee no slowdown when giving the codes, just that since this is a pretty new initiative, this might be slower than the speed of the current Nintendo E Shop or PSN codes.

So without further adue, here's a sample below on the first title that you can preorder through Kyo. And besides, what better way to start this but with... BATMAN. 

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