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Lets get something straight: at the time of writing, we still have no idea when the PS5 is officially coming to Malaysia, and we have no idea how much it is. And the resulting media coverage is making gamers in the country salivate as others, including Singapore get it first.

But, is it really worth it to get it immediately then? 
Based on the coverage, I can surmise the following:
It's bigger than and heavier than a PS3 Phat. And was supposed to be bigger. 
99% of PS4 games can be played on the PS5.
Most PS4 games get major improvements on the PS5, except for The Last Guardian. (Patch reasons) 
Best at 4K, but still playable at 720p. Yes really. 
Smaller SSD than a Xbox Series X, but not so far off. 
Dual Sense is fantastic, if there's a game that makes use of it. 
The Instant Collection is nice, if you have a Playstation Plus and haven't played the games before.
You can get hints when playing a game, which is nice, but is up to developers later. 
A much more simpler UI is a very good boon.
And that is all that I can think of. At the moment.
So the truth is, I don't see the rush to get it on day one. Here's why:
Miles Morales is still on PS4. 
The most notable and probably fantastic PS5 experience is not really exclusive, because the PS4 version is available, and serves dual purpose to also help upgrade the game on the PS5 (if you're buying the disc version that is). Even others like Sackboy A Big Adventure, is there. Horizon Forbidden West, seemingly aiming for the latter half of 2021, is on PS4.
Do i want to play Demon's Soul with 200 video hints at my side coming Thursday? Well, I dont know. I've gone through that torture once. Not sure if I want to again. 
What about Godfall? Well, I'm not convinced on it yet. And launch day is coming. 
So without solid exclusives, I dont think I'm in a hurry just yet. 
I'm happy with my FULL HD tv.
I own a Sony LCD Full HD TV for 10 years now. Its still going strong. And I'm happy watching the contents i have in Full HD.
So me being me, if it aint broken, why replace?
Owh right, because the PS5 does 4K. The Series X too (Series S we can pass). 
But going back to content, i really need the motivation. Yes Miles Morales is gorgeous at 4K. But it's not enough yet. Its not the full showcase of what the PS5 can actually do. There's so so much more. And the time hasn't come for it yet. 
Don't be surprised if i end up getting a PS5, for GT 7. Why? Because i don't play the series, at all. And yet we all saw how gorgeous it was.
But what if I've never had a PS4 before? Like, at all since 2013?
Then go for it. The PS5 is going to be splendid for you to play PS4 games. Really.
The only argument people can draw out of me is that having a PS5 is better. But still isn't a need. And I'm happy going through my PS4 catalogue now, of all times. The current gen officially ends soon, and waiting for the PS5, or even Series X exclusives is going to take some time still. I remember not owning a PS4 until 2015 when Batman Arkham Knight came out. While my waiting time is likely shorter for what's coming, I probably won't rush in just yet.
Unless Sony Malaysia wants me to work on it for you all that is. But that's another story all together. Until then, keep hammering Sony Malaysia on when it's coming to our side officially.
Because I kinda don't wanna answer as to when I'll start to sell the PS5. I still don't know. 

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