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YAY! I was hard at work with this code and I finally figured it out! You can know be informed directly by email if you want a game ordered through the Notify Me link! Here's how it works:

So, under the Sold Out button part, you will notice that nice little line. Upon clicking the word Here, you will be greeted to the next line:

Walah, all you need to do is type in your email. Easy as that. If your email is valid, then you will see this:

And I do thank you for wanting to let me tell you if the item comes back. hehe.

I am slowly implementing this across all available products, so if you have not seen this for the certain title that you want, please be patient with me ok? It might take some time to actually get the code to work. Hehe.

Questions that you may ask me:

1. Kyo, why don't you just replace the Add to Cart/Sold Out button to something like Order For Me Please or something like that?

Not that I don't want to. But apparently, I have no idea how HTML and CSS coding works. And yes, I did the implementation of those codes as well. I did try to change the button to reflect the other stuff, but I have not been successful just yet. So for the time being, this is the best way to get it dealt with.

2. What if I already got the game after you informed me that you just received the game in stock?

Then takpa lah. You go ahead and enjoy your game while I inform and sell to others who want it. Hehe.

3. Will I be paying the same price as mentioned in the Product Page?

Not necessarily. It can go up or down to be honest. But usually in informing everyone of the game being in stock or not, I would tell people of the risks involved.

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