Nintendo E Shop Update (24th May 2015)

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Sure... Puzzle and Dragons Z has been released now (The digital version is cheaper than the physical version in fact). But doesn't mean you should ignore other titles that are being released today as well. Haha.


Sword and Soldiers 2 (WiiU Exclusive!) (USD19.99): Just go to this link and watch how an epicly awesome 2D adventure can be:

Journey of a Special Average Balloon (USD 1.49): How special do you feel being a balloon? Pretty damn special. It's also gorgeous to look at.

Shapes of Grey (USD6.99): Insert your 50 shades of color joke right here for this Action Arcade game. BDSM may not be included.

Mega Man Zero 2 (USD 7.99): Even though it's Mega May, you MAY want to wait for a cheaper version of the Mega Man Zero Collection for the DS. I'm serious.


Puzzle and Dragons Z + Puzzle and Dragons SMB Edition (USD29.99): Take puzzle based games on a new level of dimension. I mean addiction. Sorry.

3DS Sales

BTW, Natsume is offering insane discount on their Harvest Moon titles. Besides, it's fun to have the Digital version of A New Beginning on the go anytime.

Tale of Two Towns: USD 20
A New Beginning: USD 30
Hometown Story: USD tak payah bother. Gi beli A New Beginning or Story of Seasons jer.

Retro City Rampage DX: USD 4.99. Because GTA in an 8 bit version is damn good. Especially if you're jacking a Delorean.

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