Kyo's Weekly Digest! (Part 1, August 2014)

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Hi there fellow gamers,

I mulled on this idea a long long time ago, and in a bid to over populate your email inbox, I am proud to announce the Kyo's Weekly Digest. The digest is a weekly collection of the best news that happened in the past week, highlights on new releases for the week, and any POs that have been opened in the week as well. Lets do this!


What's Up Kyo?
Well, Raya happened, and it was a blast taking some time off from the business and work and mainly all technology related things. I was only having fun taking photos, so that was the only tech i had. Gloriously ate a lot of Spaghetti during Raya (yes, it's not the right dish, but hey, it was my Raya. :P) and had quite a good amount of fun just relaxing at the Kampung. My Kampung is at Tapah, Perak though.


Went back to work on Thursday, even though the business was open on Wednesday for the bloody The Last of Us Remastered. Apa bengong pergi release time Raya. Tak syok betul. :P


Currently Playing: King of Fighters 98. I need a quick game almost every night of this.


The Best News (29 July 2014 - 1st August 2014)
-Based on timing, it should be 8am our time on the Tuesday 5th August 2014. If you're not convinced of Hyrule Warriors knocking your socks off, look at this video instead.


- For a limited time only (1 month), get your respective Mega Evolved Pinsir or Heracross! Previously limited to just 1 of the cartridges each, you should grab this chance if you want another Mega Evolved Pokemon. hehe

Link comes to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! (Sort of)
- Get your hunter in Link's gear! In fact, this may be the first time that Link will be in female form if you think about it. Also, don't forget that the game will also have some Super Mario Bros wearable items as well.
Early 2015 just can't come sooner now.


The New Highlights (29 July 2014 - 1 August 2014)


The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) (29 July 2014)
Most of us have already played it, but if you want to see the smoother framerate being applied to the game and play Ellie's past mission, this is the one that you would want to get.


That being said, the PS3 version is pretty cheap too at RM 120 to 140.


Have you Preordered? (29 July 2014 -1 August 2014)
So much for Capcom saying that SSF 4 Arcade Edition is the last one and they are done with it. This version includes all SF4 versions in 1 game (meaning, balances for each character depending on the version of the game) along with 5 new characters for you to choose from. At the very least, price is cheap for the whole thing. And get ready for embarassing Youtube uploads!


If you didn't know, I opened this for PO last Wednesday when I was on Holiday. Boasting them 200 good old Final Fantasy songs for you to tap tap on your touchscreen, do I need to say more? Just click that link darn it.


WiiU Hyrule Warriors (26 September 2014)
Prepare to sing the Zelda tune in a Koei Tecmo developed special Dynasty Warriors for the WiiU, with Link and the Hyrule gang as the fighters against a ton of enemies. Day one for me!


PS3/PS4 Destiny (9 September 2014)
Activision gets Bungie to make something that's better than Halo. But is it really? Well, maybe. Provided the 4 million people who participated in the Beta enjoyed it that is. Was there a better number than 4 million Beta players? Dinklage, what have you done really.


That's all today from me folks. Now to try and work on that website a little more.


Your Gaming Bro,

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