Kyo's Weekly Digest! (Part 2, August 2014)

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Hi there fellow gamers,

I mulled on this idea a long long time ago, and in a bid to over populate your email inbox, I am proud to announce the Kyo's Weekly Digest. The digest is a weekly collection of the best news that happened in the past week, highlights on new releases for the week, and any POs that have been opened in the week as well. Lets do this!

What's Up Kyo?

It's hump day (Wednesday if you don't know what that means) and I was just getting hyped by Hyrule Warriors from the last Nintendo Direct. I have a fondness to Dynasty Warriors (even though I don't play much of it). But I see no better reason right now to buy this game with the WiiU, if you're getting ready for Bayonetta 2 that is (expect preorders end of August. :P). I do like how Adventure mode feels (and how Aunoma keeps on highlighting knick knacks and quirky stuff about the game) and if the main story mode is already separate enough, i'm hoping this gives me quite a number of content. heck, I wouldn't mind going through Adventure Mode and ensure it's at the best setting, since I know Eiji would have advised this game well. No, I don't think this is Link's Crossbow Training. No, I do not think this will suck. Yes, I am biased. Go figure. :P


The Best News (4 - 10 August 2014)

Who would have thought that you can play as Ganon in Zelda Game?

-Hyrule Warriors' best revelation was the last, with Ganon playable as his own character. Perhaps with his own story of trying to demolish Zelda and Link. Also, don't ask me for the Triforce Scarf. That's for PAL versions only. :(

Resident Evil HD Remake, AGAIN?????

- Seriously. How many do we need this? And... The WiiU gets ignored, even if it was from the Gamecube version. It's ok. Honestly, we're too cool for this. Honest.


Bravely Second is 95% complete. But Squeenix wants to polish it some more.

- According to recent Famitsu coverage, seems like the game's focus this time is in saving Agnes. And if anything, the creators are interested in giving out a demo of Bravely Second too. Lets hope there's enough copies of Bravely Default first to be played by gamers who enjoy this sort of game. Hehe.


The New Highlights (4 - 10 August 2014)

Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3/X360/PC) (5 August 2014)
That weird moment when you have played the same game for close to 5 times now. And you barely can notice the changes except for character additions, and Ryu doing a 2 hit Shoryuken for ease of Metsu Hadoken FADC. You will love this game if you're a Fighting fan since it crams all previous editions of Street Fighter 4 into 1 package. (Please note, the game will only be made available officially Monday, 11 August 2014)


Akiba's Trip 2: Undead and Undressed (PS3/PSV) (12 August 2014)

So... I'm supposed to beat the crap out of vampires in Akihabara, by taking their clothes off. Maybe it's ok? Maybe? I don't know. You tell me.


Have you Preordered? (4 - 10 August 2014)
If you didn't know, I opened this for PO last Wednesday when I was on Holiday. Boasting them 200 good old Final Fantasy songs for you to tap tap on your touchscreen, do I need to say more? Just click that link darn it.
WiiU Hyrule Warriors (26 September 2014)
Now you got Ganon to play with. You still mau or tamau? Day one for MAU!
PS3/PS4 Destiny (9 September 2014)
Activision gets Bungie to make something that's better than Halo. But is it really? Well, maybe. Provided the 4 million people who participated in the Beta enjoyed it that is. Was there a better number than 4 million Beta players? Dinklage, what have you done really.
PS3 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (30 September 2014)
Apparently, this package already has the first part of the Tarot Cards that you would wanna collect. If you're buying Persona Q for them cards, this is a must. Really. But all other things equal, it's a good fighting game, with a little extras. haha.
That's all today from me folks. Now to finish up some travels, mainly AMG and open houses. heh.
Your Gaming Bro,


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