The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PS3) Game Review

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You would wish he could swing this peacefully.


Spidey spidey spidey. While fans will have fond memories of the Spider-man 2 game that came out for the PS2 during it's time, fans will definitely be having some good ones (And great even) with this new one, plus some horrifying ones.


The Amazing Spider-Man (read: Spider Hyphen Man. Peter does insist in that when you swing around New York) 2 game is in a way, supposed to be a tie in to the movie. However, it only borrowed some elements of the movie, and should not be a reason that will spoil your movie experience (unlike the first one that was positioned to be AFTER the events of the first movie.). But if there is a complaint, then I will say this: Where the hell is Gwen in the whole game?


Storywise, Beenox has always been good in that department. So, nothing to worry of. However, the ending is probably one of the weakest yet as we see how it feels so rushed. Just finished solving the mystery of who is the Kingpin? Lets throw all the bosses in 1 shot! And in less than 2 hours doing all that, the game ends... It seriously did not need to be this rushed.


Web-swinging in New York is both a hit and miss. I love the fact that the webs need something to stick to (Spidey will say that  a lot if you hold either L2 or R2 trigger), and Web Rush is a little better this time (i still personally dislike it). But sometimes, the camera does not follow you fast enough when you try to do stunts. Wanna Wall Run in a closed corner but still swinging? Good luck with getting the camera to chase you. It does swinging justice as per Spider-Man 2, but still there's a lot more that could be achieved (like for example, why in the world do I need an over the shoulder perspective? Put Spidey in the center!)


So, is there an actual complaint? Of course. THE HERO OR MENACE SYSTEM. This system has been upgraded, to the worst thing that has ever existed in a super hero game. Logically, the system wants you to consistently be a hero in the eyes of the public by solving crime and saving people. However, the system is way too unforgiving that it doesn't allow you to swing in peace. Get into the Menace levels and you will see how annoying it can be for the Task Force to keep chasing you. And worst yet, you have to SOLVE CRIME AND SAVE PEOPLE to ensure you don't get that level. This makes doing heroic things a chore. And I am playing a game for Peter's sake. If i really wanted to have this system, I'd rather go out and do all that. (heck, even Spidey knows he can't tackle every crime available. So, good luck with that).


Other minor complaints are still noteworthy, but doesn't destroy the experience. Combat and Stealth missions are rip offs from the Batman Arkham games, which is ok if it was more polished and varied. I am pretty sure I saved the same guy at the same spot for 10 times to just get a trophy. Even dialogue is similar. (There was one that really cracked me up when the civilian said Hint Hint). Common sandbox bugs are there too, but that's forgivable in a sense. Graphics are fine, but not expecting the most mega wonderful of it since all focus is on PS4.


Kyo's Verdict:

Beenox is great at listening to their fans. They know the feedback from the last game and they did well with it, they improved on it. But when you are given a great burden (or privilege or power) of a game, you definitely should ensure that you have a great responsibility in delivering a fun one.


Come for the swinging, but pray to God that Beenox patches the game by turning the Hero or Menace system off.


Score: 6.5/10.

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