Why Kyo Doesn't Do Trade Ins.

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Throughout my days as a seller, I always get this same old query that seems to have originated itself from the West: Do you accept trade ins?

A short answer from me would be: A Big Fat Giant No.


But if you're wondering why, allow me to explain:


1. People who trade in usually get a bad deal out of it.

You may have noticed this, but not that many sellers accept trade ins. Even if they did, they would basically charge VERY LOW to pay you. Want to get rid of that Bravely Default that you bought at RM 135? I'll pay you RM 70 for it, no questions asked. Now, you're smart enough to know that selling it at Lowyat or even at Kyo's Used Game Corner at Facebook will even net you a nicer price compared to that RM 70. So be wise.


2. Is that item really yours?

Another thing that us sellers (or mainly just me) that wants to avoid is accepting an item that may have been stolen or just found randomly somewhere. If you are not gonna use it, you might as well sell your loot off to some trader who would not mind how low he can charge you. If said seller happened on a stolen item, then that's it. Reputation is gone...


3. Some appraisals can be unfair

Imagine this. You have a limited edition Zelda 3DS  (not the 3DS XL gold edition), but you know it only plays EU/Pal/UK games and you just want to trade it off. Here's the problem: That console might not be worth jack in this country of ours. Sure, it may be a limited edition and all and it is no longer published or manufactured anyways. But who would be playing a UK/Pal game really? You're better off selling it at Ebay.

Speaking of unfair, it also is a bummer if you were to have some very decent memories on that game that you have. Got the game from the wife but you decided it was not your cup of tea? Of course it's hard to appraise that kind of value, so getting slapped a low price is not fun at all.


I will say that rather than you trading in that game to me, sell it instead. Sure, I know some dudes who have had some troubles in arranging the time and the package (and to a certain extent, the attitude of some buyers), but there's plenty of ways to do it. Can't find the time? Give it to me and I'll put it up on Kyo's Used Game Corner. Wanna try your own hand? Go for and sell it there. (It's slightly more reliable than Mudah)

I may change my policy in the future (heck, you'll never know). But at the present moment, I think selling on your own is going to benefit you alot more (And don't worry about me, Kyo's Used Game Corner will always be around to help everyone. :) ).

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