The Unique Wii U Experience Games (part 1)

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The Wii U is around 2 years now, since it came out last holiday season of 2012. Unfortunately, it's software lineup has not been pouring in like Nintendo wants it to be. That being said, you should take a look at the list below to see how different they are from the other consoles. Even though some may have been played in other consoles, there should be a good reason to try it out on the Wii U as well for a unique kind of experience.

Criteria: How interesting has the developers used the Gamepad with, and Non - Nintendo titles.


Rayman Legends

Everyone knows that the game was supposed to earlier in February 2013 for the Wii U. But Ubisoft had a change of heart and decided Multi Platform was the way to go (Although, why would they miss the earlier date 7 months is anyone's guess.) But Wii U ends up being the clear winner when game transitions from the big screen to a smaller minigame focus in order to proceed with the game. Some of the concepts were taken from New Super Mario Bros U and perhaps had more sense to be implemented in this game instead.


Need For Speed: Most Wanted U

Most Wanted is already a fantastic racing game. Though most of us wants to play it like the old Most Wanted (With a Fantastic Story and the Blacklist to beat up), Criterion still delivers a wonderful racing game (Though slightly arcadey).

In IGN's words, Most Wanted U's gamepad function basically gives you "Godlike powers". Change the weather, the traffic, repair the car, dodge the cops by making them disappear or decrease your heat level, the Gamepad provides enough option for you to utilise in the game to make it feel like from thrilling to kiddie walks. These settings are optional though. Let it also be known that while gyro is available in the gamepad, it's not something I would recommend on a racing game.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

The definitive edition it seems, was made for the Wii U. And it's all because of the Gamepad... I don't know about you, but I'm certain not many developers include a copy of the strategy guide for the game in their director's cut edition. Because this one happily does it. But that's just a start.

The map is better viewed on the gamepad instead of the screen. Weapon selection is so much better, and hacking is more natural on the gamepad. It also has a nice thoughtout feature that incorporates sharing screenshots and notes in the Miiverse. Even the gamepad can be used to take notes at any time and play the game the way you want it.

It's not hell bent on making the game any harder, but much more pleasurable indeed.


Batman: Arkham City (Armored Edition)

Everyone who has played the Arkham City will know it's a fantastic game (Although, I still think it's not entirely polished). The Wii U version however provides the BAT which gives you extra strength in combat (The idea was later adopted into Arkham Origins). The gyro aspect of the Gamepad gives you a chance to search for the crime scene in Detective Mode. Having an always on map in the game is also quite helpful, but the same could not be said with the in game weapon selection from the Gamepad. Not that it's poor, but you need some getting used to.

As a bonus, Armored Edition has all the important DLCs like Harley Quinn's revenge. At least that's a good deal still.


Stay tuned on the blog for more games that you should not miss on the Wii U. And I am heading back to cheap Wii Games list. :p


Bonus since it's noteworthy:


Tekken Tag Tournament 2:Wii U Edition

If you want to play this game with serious players, there's no doubt that the PS3 or Xbox Players will give you a far greater challenge. However, if you want to see Kazuya / Heihachi looking like Mario or Luigi, or even get Yoshimitsu to wear Link's costumer, or use a Mega Mushroom during fights, then this is going to be the best place to play with that style. Besides, you can finally use Evil Wind God Fist to be Zelda up. :P

I'll let you view this video instead.

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  • @cmonstar, Horrifyingly busy at the moment dude. Haha. Would love to add more, but the WiiU is pretty low on that experience part. huhu.

    Kyo on
  • I’m a proud Wii U owner. Used to have PS3. Have a mid-level PC to play any current games.

    I’m mid 30s, cannot play as often as in my 20s. Lack of games don’t bother me, but I prefer quality. I have limited time to play, but if I do, I want to play something great. So far Wii U has quality games like Wind Waker HD, Mario and Rayman.

    Looking forward to Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros.

    Kyo, where’s Part 2?

    cmonstar on

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