The PlayStation 4 Essentials List (if you're on a budget)

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If you're planning to maximise your experience with the PS4 (while on a budget), here's a little nifty guide that I can think off that would get you started:


1. Plasma / LED TV

Plasma is no doubt going to give you richer blacks and it's going to quite affordable as well. To maximise it, ensure it's at least 40 inches and the distance between you and the TV is 6 to 7 feet. If you're getting a bigger screen, increase the distance.

It should be noted that SDTVs would be a waste of time in this category.

Cheapest Option: A 40 inch Sony LED TV only costs between RM1,400 to RM1,600. Plasma usually closer to the RM2,000 range.


2. Sound System

To futureproof yourself, a basic entry level receiver would do just fine even, if you can only 2 speakers. If you're on a budget, consider the Astro Headset or the Playstation Headsets with Virtual Surround Sound.

Cheapest Option: The Playstation Wireless Pulse Headset Elite Edition. Ranges between RM 400 to RM 450 now. You may think the Gold Wireless Headset made for the PS4 is a good idea, but I can tell you, nope.


3. A Couch

If you're thinking of playing on an office/desk chair, don't bother. When it comes to comfort, you either lie down on the floor or you go balls out with a couch.

Cheapest Option: Check with IKEA. They have some solid armchairs for a good price. This Poang Armchair looks pretty decent for less than RM 200. If you can however, splurge a little more for the RM 300 of a couch version.

Teddy Trublade suggests Beanbags as well. How come I never thought of that? Haha. He's suggesting you guys get from either DOOF or Freeasy. But you will have to find them on your own lah because I have no idea where they are. haha.


4. Extra battery power

Long marathon gaming sessions would be sad with the Dualshock 4. Consider getting an extra pair of controllers or even better, just a very long Micro USB cable. That would solve matters.

Cheapest Option: A longer Micro USB cable only costs you between RM 10 to RM 20.

Afdzal Amirus corrected me on the Mini/Micro USB cable issue. I guess my head is still stuck on te PS3. :P 


5. Playstation Plus 1 Year Subscription

This changes in time to time, but is pretty much an essential if you're intending to play the PS4 on Online Multiplayer. Even if you don't, the subscription will happily give you free games. The only question you would have is, why not?

Cheapest Option: A 3 month subscription is around RM 70, but you might as well go for a full year since it's RM 165.


Total estimated at the lowest price chose: RM 2185.


Not that bad of an addition if you want to have some an almost maximum experience. What's your preference? (Personally, I would lie on the floor. haha)

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