Why you should experience MGS Ground Zeroes (Even if you have to buy it)

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Belilah aku. Harga USD 40. (RM 135)

A lot of flak is being given to Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes experience. The USD 40 most hotly anticipated game can only be finished in 2 hours, and that's just the main story. Of course, any gamer who listens to that would probably go ballistic. It's just not justified. (Even the shortest I know was around 4 to 5 hours)


But that doesn't mean you should ignore it completely.

1. The game will premiere the magnificent Fox Engine. Make no mistake, it renders the graphics and the lighting in the most gorgeous way possible (at the moment).

2. It's MGS and a teaser to the Phantom Pain. By all means, it sort of like how MGS2 came along for the PS2. There was a Snake Demo (which I remember was also available on the full game), and that helped explain some bits on why Raiden was always talking to Snake.

3. The Main Story of 90 minutes to 2 hours is just 10 percent of the whole game. Now, on the surface you would think there's 90% more of things to do. But, it could not be translated as another 18 hours waiting for you (That is if you even care on completing the game as well)


That being said, Ground Zeroes has a lot to offer in totality. But if 40 dollars is just too much of a price for you, then consider splitting that up into two by sharing it with someone else. It would probably make the whole value proposition better.


Note: I am suggesting PS4 edition. I'd put aside PS3 completely since you should maximise the satisfaction for the money you're about to spend. hehe.

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