A Guide on how to sell back that game you bought

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Lets face it, not many of us are interested in keeping / collecting some games. And so it is pretty much ok to be reselling it back to the used market in order to recoup the money that we spent and pass the joy to others (Thank God I don't have to stare at Microsoft any more about this part). So here are some guidelines for you to use and some of my recommendations on how to resell the games that you bought.


Where can I resell the game I bought?

Forum Here's one of nicer places to resell your used games. At the Console Couch Garage Sales area, you will find plenty of other people wanting to buy (WTB) or wanting to sell (WTS) their used stuff all around Malaysia. This is another place that you can use to sell your used games. However, there are some bad reviews about this place in the earlier days and its association to being a conman area. I won't stop you from selling here, but proceed with caution.

I would recommend either 2 for you to choose, but the best would be Forum It's more vibrant and more trustworthy. (PS: I may open a used games section, but we will see. :P)


How much should I sell the game?

This is a trickier thing to say. This is pretty much up to you. There is no way to say that there is a right or wrong pricing.

However, based on trends, the usual price being resold is normally at RM 20 to RM 30 lesser than the price of a new game being sold online. So for example, if there was a used copy of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, the price would usually be RM 90 to RM 100 (The normal retail price is RM 125 and above).

The age of the title also matters. If you were to have bought the first Uncharted game today at RM 180 from somewhere else (You poor unlucky soul), you might not be able to sell it today for RM 160. You most likely would lose so much more and end up selling it for RM 50.

If you have to immediately get rid of it and if you don't care about the price, consider selling it at half the price you got it for. No kidding. When a new game gets released, it is always easier to just slash it in half and pay very little for it. you stand to lose a lot more though when the trend is a lot more kinder to the ones intending to resell.


Can I really trust the people at those places?

There are moments where it's a yes and a no. Forum has had some moments where some conmans popped up. Low ballers are always around to haggle a little lesser than what you're offering (i have seen them before and still remember their names in my head. :P). But if you're truly scared, let me know. I will try the best I can to help with the process.


That is pretty much all that I have in my head at the moment. Of course there's a lot more on how to help you guys on reselling your used game (which includes yours truly reselling it for you though), but we will stick with this for the moment. I can feel the need to eat some roti bakar all of a sudden, so my brain is quite occupied. :P

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