Time to Bravely Default!

Written by Kyo on

I am actually grinding in this game at the moment. Pretty much made Norende a more prosperous village than it was (AND WHO THE HELL SENT ME NEMESES. I CAN'T FIGHT THAT LEVEL 20 DUDE).


Got Thief class (which is exciting), and.... Salesman class??? I am so not throwing PG to attack people. Nope. Not me at all. haha.


Owh, and set myself 100% extra enemy encounters. That really gets the EXP and JP up faster. And with Ringabel being a monk in his Bastet claws, i"m pretty much cool and covered. haha.

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  • @Sam, Eh? Tak sampai lagi ker? Patutnya today apa dah sampai.

    Kyo on
  • Waiting my copy arrived… hehehe… DEMO pn quite okay :))

    Sam21 on

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