Tips on getting a US or Asian 3DS (aka which region is better?)

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Lets set some things straight first :

US Region 3DS is the same with the Asian Region 3DS. Also applies to 3DS XL and 2DS.

Same, similar, sama, no difference, nothing changed, all games can play, yadi yadi yada.

It has been asked over and over again for so many years (THANK YOU NINTENDO FOR REGION LOCKING YOUR CONSOLES. /end sarcasm), and so that short sentence should answer it.


But if you were to look into the more finer details on the difference between the two, here are my findings so far:

US Region 3DS

- A Club Nintendo Code is included (but it only works if it has not been redeemed yet. So used units beware). This is the only way to get Club Nintendo Code (if you need it lah).

- The charger is a US charger (DUH). So it won't work for Malaysian plugs. (You will need a either a Stepdown Converter or a USB Cable Charger)

- Usually comes in a slimmer box.


Asian Region 3DS

- There are no Club Nintendo Code inside (because our region does not have Club Nintendo support)

- The charger is a Malaysian charger. It is official, and it would happily work on any Malaysian plug.

- The box is slightly bulkier. The colors are also limited to the Blue and Red with Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed respectively.

- There is a chance you can redeem the warranty on this unit. But be warned that the warranty coverage is usually 3 months only from the date of purchase.


So Kyo, which one should I be choosing?

Easy enough:

The cheapest option and most worthy of value in your opinion.

There is no harm to choose either unit. The cheaper ones are usually the US ones (devoid of game usually). Worry on not getting an official adapter? Get the USB Charging Cable for RM 5. It still works as well (slightly slower than a usual charger though).

Feel like you need a warranty? The Asian one is ok as well. 3 months of peace of mind (if you're willing to head to Singapore or get your retailer to send it back to Singapore if anything happens to it). Besides, it's always a good option to get an original charger (unless you are choosing to purchase the DSi for RM 320 at my mart. That DSi charger would work as well).

So if you have a friend who is just asking this question, direct them here. And let them decide. Here's hoping that we quelled the questions a little more. :P

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