The Cheapest (But still GREAT) Wii Games Money Can Buy (Part 2)

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Everyone likes a cheap deal. But what if I told you that it is also possible to find a cheap and amazing experience of a game as well? This category may be limited (because we are in 2014 and there's a lack of titles for the Wii anyways) but since we are going to get WiiUs, we might as well.

Criteria: The game's price is maxed at USD 25 in retail. RM may range due to currency differences.


Jedis got jealous of this game.DUAL WIELDDDDD

No More Heroes and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle (Range: RM 85 to RM 125)

Now what do you do when you have a Wii development kit and a fantasy for swords? You make a sword based game? Now, what if you're Suda 51 and you have all that? You make a game about a guy who is interested in killing everyone to be number 1 in the world armed with a lightsaber that has to be recharged by shaking a wii remote, saves the game by going to the toilet, makes the lead character Travis Touchdown an otaku, cast Raiden's voice actor as the last boss of the game that might take you 15 minutes to beat the crap out of it since he has mega life bar and lots of other knickknacks and insanities that only Suda 51's brain can think of.

If you want weird stuff plunged into a fantastic game, then you definitely owe it to yourself to get the game. Hands down. Even if you don't want weird stuff, you will appreciate this game for sure.


Team Ninja + Samus = BLISS

Metroid: Other M (Range: RM 90 to 115)

Never expected a Metroid game to be cheap? Me neither. But this birthchild of a collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei's Team Ninja is just that. In fact, it is an excellent game for those who love action and interested to see Samus in a new light. If you haven't noticed, this game is kinda hard (We are talking about Team Ninja here), while at the same time focusing on a side scrolling adventure which made Metroid famous in the first place. Metroid fans who love the classic gameplay of Metroid will feel at home with this game. Besides, this is one of the most intense Metroid's after Metroid Prime 3.

That being said, where is the new Metroid owh great Iwata?


Just Dance series (Just get the numbered ones and the cheap ones) (Range: RM 95 to RM 130)

Lets clear a few things out first: Just Dance is clunky in terms of controls with the Wii Remote. It is just bad. But, this is one of the biggest selling titles for the Wii. Even the Dance Dance Revolution relaunch was not as great as this. Serious. What made the Just Dance series great however was the hit songs included in the game. The dance routine themselves are nice and fun to follow (although, don't expect a full length track for the earlier series) and the game itself lends charm by being a great party game. Heck, even I love it despite of the horrible controls and the frustrations of nailing the right move. :P


Kirby's Epic Yarn (Range: RM 85 to RM 120)

Remember how colorful was the art style in Super Mario 2: Yoshi's Island? Then picture this. Imagine the greatest pink hero looking a thread, literally. Well, Kirby has been transformed as loving piece of thread in this installment of the Kirby series. Frankly speaking, this game earns praises only for the fact that it is based on a "cloth" while Kirby spuns as many yarns as possible in a 2D plane. It didn't sell well, and I'm unsure why, but I have a soft spot for people doing things very differently and reinventing themselves to make things look more fun.


Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars (Range: RM 95 to RM 135)

There are not that many fighting games launched for the Wii, that much is true. But when there are games for that, it is usually recognisable. Enter Tatsunoko Vs Capcom with it's WAY TOO SIMPLISTIC style of combat. But nonetheless, it is actually very very fun. Though not as simplistic as Marvel VS Capcom 3, there is still a simplicity built in to the game (Waggle the remote, does super). And the stories are pretty interesting as well. So if you're looking for frantic MvC style combos in the Wii, I suggest this easily.

Nintendo Selects Series (Range: RM 110)

The Nintendo Selects series is similar to the Greatest Hits that Sony pushes out for their games. So, following a similar model, they did such a thing for a few of their games as well. For starters, you have Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess, but there are some that I want to give special highlight.

Super Paper Mario is that one example. Here's a game that allows to switch from 2D to 3D at any time, and gives you 2 different worlds to play one. Where 2D would present a single plane, switching to 3D allows you to find hidden shortcuts on that new plane. But that's not the best part, it's actually the rock solid and fun story of the RPG (yup, it's a MARIO RPG) that takes the actual spotlight. Then again, every time Nintendo belts out a Mario RPG, it always turns out fantastic anyways.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is another one. I have to admit, I am not much of a AC fan, so I am not into the whole scene. But since being a mayor and caring for your own town is something that most of us want to do anyways, I would recommend this easily. But beware, it is still simplistic, yet robust, and can be very addictive. :p


There will be a part 3. But I'll devise it when it's ready. hehe.

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