The Best Non-Nintendo Games ever made for the WII! (Part 1)

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Lets face it. Most of the time when it comes to a first party console, the first party line up rocks your boat or is the real reason why you bought the console in the first place. Lets switch it up. Lets run away from the Marios and Zeldas for a moment. Because this list is all about the other Nintendo games that made a mega impact for the Wii.

Criteria: Earned more than 80 average score on Metacritic and some of Kyo's personal recommendations.


Xenoblade Chronicles

RPGs are far and few in between for the Wii. (I'm pretty sure there are less than 15 titles launched in RPG terms for the Wii, which are considered good. My brain is starting to pop up some more titles though. haha) But if there was one defining RPG title that is worthy of being called the best ever for the Wii, it has got to be Xenoblade Chronicles. This supremely rare title (now averaging above RM 300 for a new and sealed copy) packs in 100 hours of content (with 150 side quests included aside of the main story). If I were playing it, i'd probably add in another 50 hours just to enjoy the game in its entirety. When was the last time an RPG boasted that much of content? And above all, when was the last time an RPG story is that good? (ok, maybe Bravely Default can take that spot very soon, although the Japanese loved it to bits). New or used, Wii or WiiU owners owe it to themselves to play this.


Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

There is something about puzzle games that is attractive and wonderful. Now, how about I tell you the best one made for the Wii? Well, that's the title up there. Because this one game that cleverly used the Wii remote and tells you to solve it's VERY SUPER FUN AND HARD PUZZLES in the least steps possible. I had an amazing time perfecting the steps for the puzzle while enjoying the story as well.

At one point, this was one of the most hardest titles to obtain. Now, it's pretty easy. So, don't miss this as a nice trophy collection. :D


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

When the Wii came out, it was boasted by a wonderful game called Wii Sports, which is actually just 5 mini games based on the capabilities of the Wii Remote. So, golf was one of it and it was nicely done. But if you wanted to play the best golf title ever made for the Wii, the 2010 edition would be your perfect choice. This one got the Wii Remote controls just perfect, since all the praise went into the inclusion of the Motion Plus. Besides, you only need to gave great controls on a golf game to make it really enjoyable. If you're looking for other modes, sure, it's there as well. but honestly, playing it just for the accuracy of the controls is enough.



There are great WiiWare titles for the Wii. But, not many have heard of classics like Cave Story or La-Mulana. Maybe it was the unsuitable platform to launch, but who cares? The WiiWare has a great title! La-Mulana is a 2D "metroidvania" adventure that is based on an archaeological adventure that was made as a hobby. At the time of writing, the sequel is currently being funded at Kickstarter and I'm hoping for the campaign to be a success. 2D love? Check. Lead Character that pays homage to Indiana Jones? Check. Supremely fantastic boss fights that is reminiscent of the games of the past? Check. Hyper challenging puzzles? Check. Difficulty close to Contra? Check. If you checked like I did, you got another game sold on you.


Little King's Story

I remember when Batallion Wars came out for the Wii, and it was, sadly, not received so well. But then, I remember how supremely cute Little King's Story is, and how hard it actually ended up as. it's a RTS & RPG Hybrid that excels in terms of story and the sheer pleasure of playing an RTS game on the Wii. Then again, how many other RTS games are there on the Wii?


Stay tuned for Part 2!

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