The Playstation 4: A Kyo Experience

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Kyo: Lets boot up the console… Owh hey it’s already booted up!


I don’t know about you guys, but it felt zippy and fast. I must admit that looking at the PS4 itself is pretty neat and stylish. It’s basically a sexy beast in all respects. Heck, even the Power and Eject Buttons are pretty neat as well. But I kinda got a little confused on the placement of the USB ports. I don’t know why, but placing them below the disc slot is not too safe for me. There’s pretty much the  only downside. (Of course, there must be a reason why it is underneath anyways.


And THANK GOD for standby charging.


Holding the DualShock 4, honestly, IS HEAVENLY. The touchpad is clickable, which is interesting, but have yet to show me a real purpose just yet. The L2 and R2 triggers? BEST IMPROVEMENT EVAR. It really feels supremely comfortable. Very nice to click. It still won’t make Street Fighter any better, but at least it sure feels good.


There are however 2 drawbacks: The battery life is really crap. I know that you’re focus is not for long term gaming sessions anymore (Many of us know we don’t have the time anymore), but honestly, if the Xbox One’s controller is so much more extended in battery life (3 times even), then this should be at least 10 hours. But, seriously, what the heck?


The other gripe (though very minor) is the weight. It doesn’t feel too cheap, but I honestly feel that it could be slightly heavier. Because the Xbox One’s controller is actually SUPREMELY COMFY TO HOLD. It’s not a better controller, but only because of the weight on the Xbox One’s controller is so much more wonderful, it definitely has a certain edge to delivering a better experience.


The User Interface, after booting, is actually pretty zippy and slick. I understood the intention of the UI, but it might not be easily understood by everyone. It does however get you straight to the point. Wanna play Killzone Shadows Fall? Go to picture and it will already show you the drop down list. But it also helps giving a little more info like Overview.


But a small gripe from me is that, the screen doesn’t fill itself up with an image like how the PS3 did. It used to be a nice way to say like “before starting the game, here’s a wallpaper of the game that you’re about to play!”. I liked that idea, but I do miss not seeing that happen though.


Now, of all the games that I laid eyes on, most of the interesting ones were either delayed or were not appealing. Sure, I could have reviewed Killzone or Knack. But it didn’t feel popping enough. So, I stuck to the very one game that I felt was worth my time.




Resogun indeed.


You might as well call it Resolutiongun. Heck, I’d even go with Gorgeousgun. It really is!


And it’s just blocks. Yup. Blocks. The graphic is blocky, the gorgeous kind of blocky.

It’s a side scrolling shooter in a 2D plane. Picture a ship circling around a cylinder and you’ve got Resogun. But it’s not just as simple as shooting left or right and clearing enemies. It gets better.


Aside from annihilating your foes, you’re also tasked to save humans that are scattered around the cylinder. And saving them gives you some sort of reward. But, in Resogun, it doesn’t fully give you the choice to do everything. You can choose to save the scattered humans (which appear in green stick figures, still blocky, but still looking cool) or abandon them. But the further you progress, the harder it is going to get.


I find the game itself very fun, not because I can decimate everything like normal shoot em ups, but because of the added risk and reward factor, the cool and interesting boss fights and also the fricking gorgeous graphics and particles flying around. And the framerate is so solid that I did not notice any dips. Heck, during the charged up blast was also a wonderful sight to see (and not to mention, to decimate). Sure, it would have helped if there was an actual indicator in the cylindrical plane that told me where the human that I can save is at (you only get a green point when you’re close to him), but the game encourages you to explore around the whole plane and figure out the best way do everything, if you can.


If you’re convinced on getting the PS4, BUY RESOGUN. You can forget the rest of the games, seriously, but give Resogun it’s deserving dollars. It is just that good.


Overall, my PS4 experience has been a wonderful one. I am very happy with how quick it is and how engaging 1 game can make you feel. But if you’re not convinced on getting just one game, then there’s no harm indeed to just wait. But if you’re mind has been made up and you’re in the look out for games, then I have no doubt to immediately recommend you Resogun. Hands down.


Please Note: I did do some omissions here like the Share Button, the live stream, and a bunch of other features in the PS4. Not that I didn’t have the time, but in terms of priority, I need to touch on the basics first. The more included features will be tested once I deem it worthy to do so.

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