The Cheapest (But still GREAT) Wii Games Money Can Buy (Part 1)

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Everyone likes a cheap deal. But what if I told you that it is also possible to find a cheap and amazing experience of a game as well? This category may be limited (because we are in 2014 and there's a lack of titles for the Wii anyways) but since we are going to get WiiUs, we might as well.

Criteria: The game's price is maxed at USD 25 in retail. RM may range due to currency differences.



Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition (Range: RM 50 to RM 90)

If you think you have played Resident Evil 4 to death, then I can assure you that you have not played the best yet. Supposingly, the Gamecube edition is the best edition for any Resident Evil 4 rendition (yes, even better then the upcoming Ultimate HD port for the PC). The real treat is the Wii Remote itself, because it changed everything. Fear redefined, and for the best way to play as well. Besides, it's fun trying to hack away on the rope when Leon gets his feet trapped. The sheer thrill of wiggling your Wii Remote is damn fun.


EEE WESKERPEW PEW PEWNothing like a classic.I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE MADAFAKING ZOMBIESOwh look, it's the poster boy from earlier.

All of the on rail shooters made for the wii (This includes Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, The House of the Dead: Overkill and Ghost Squad.) (Range: RM 50 to 100)

I can recommend any on-rails shooter for the Wii. Why? Because it is correct. It is not fully accurate at times but the Wii Remote is the best way to play this games. Sure, now I would have mentioned a Resident Evil game three times, but what the heck, all 3 of them are still pretty solid. Ghost Squad is fun because of replayability (and the difficulty can be cranked up during party play). Whereas House of the Dead: Overkill is just what the title suggest, A MOTHERF*CKING OVERKILL (Trust me, the bad mouthing in that game is fantastic and insane). Then again, it still has plenty of replay value.


The original 2D platformer. A great one too. 

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Range: RM 100 to 120)

Now I will admit, the best edition for this game is in the Vita. Yes, honest, that pint size screen with an OLED plastered on it. However, Muramasa had it's start in the Wii, and what better feeling is there to play the game as if we were in the late 80s? Played horizontally on the Wii Remote while boasting some sick visuals for a 480P game, the adventures of Ninja in a side scrolling hack and slash is pretty convincing, especially since it's quite cheap too.


Red Steel 1 and 2 (Range: RM 70 to 100)

Ah Red Steel... The launch title that came with the Wii... to not so critical acclaim. And then came Red Steel 2, which changed everything entirely and makes it a tremendous experience.

When Red Steel was previewed it was one of the most wanted games for the Wii. Who doesn't want to have the capability of shooting like a gangster (hold you Wii Remote sideways and it follows!) and then switching to a sword fight after that? Sure, the controls were considered clunky when it came out. But it was still fun nonetheless. Red Steel 2 just takes a spaghetti western and infuses it with samurai elements and blows everything out of proportion. To date, it is one of the finest titles ofr the Wii to date since it is enhanced with Motion Plus.


MadWorld (Range: RM 90)

This game can be finished in less than 6 hours. After that, it's all about unlocking more stuff that you can do more destruction. Some other quirky thing about this game: It follows a style similar to God Hand (For PS2), it uses spot coloring (where you only pick 1 color while the rest is black and white) and the story is pits you as a Battle Royale consistent killing everyone in your path. Owh, did I mention that the controls are fun? And the ideas of killing people are ingenious? You should also know that Greg Proops (Of Whose Line fame) and John DiMaggio (of Bender, Marcus Fenix and Wakka fame) are cast as commentators for the game. Who cares if you can finish in 6 hours? You know you want to spend more of those seeing your self hold a double chainsaw beheading people non stop.


Continued in Part 2!

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