What Happened to Kyo's Game Mart?

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Hi there! You may have noticed something very strange on the website.

For starters, the only games you see are either... Nintendo Switch titles, or titles that are up for preorder.

So, where's everything else?

I actually decided to open my Lazada store back in March 2019 and have been operating there since. Not only have I moved everything over there, I have also included a lot of other things that I have been keeping and collecting and displayed it right there instead.

If you're wondering why, here's why actually:

1. You can now pay with Credit Card payments.

One of the oldest features that was requested from my the capacity to purchase using Credit Cards. As I have been going through so many providers that I felt did not meet my expectations, the alternative seems obvious. Lazada there I went!

2. Shipping was much easier.

I'm not dissing our national courier. They're doing a great job. But sometimes, just sometimes, they don't meet my expectations, and I end up asking myself how to do better. Lazada does their own shipping (if you're located within the city), and they have been much cheaper than what Poslaju charges too. If you're in the outskirts, Ninjavan would be used instead, at the same price of less than RM 4.50 (For Semenanjung).

Also, I just print orders out easily and just pack it. I also drop it very close to my home without having to do anything else.

3. No extra accounts needs to buy with Lazada.

If you have a Gmail, or FB account even, just use that to login and start buying stuff. It's pretty convenient.

4. Plenty of promos too.

If you find a promo voucher that you can apply to the whole of Lazada, chances are it can be applied to my store too. Go use that.

So, what happens now?

Easy. Kyo's Game Mart now takes on preorders from this Website, and also displays Nintendo Switch games. But more importantly, I am reshaping this website to be a resource based website to help everyone with things related to gaming.

Also, that being said, don't be surprised if I end up promoting and telling you to go to Lazada to buy stuff and what not. That's bound to happen really.

And lastly, while the website will not be a resource hub, I also want to try and get to writing again. I know there's a lot to write, and also trying to find another avenue to present my resources. Gotta make sure I do this right the best way I can.

If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to send them this way. I am happy to listen and hopefully try to implement. But first, gotta go back to my planning phase.

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