Why I would recommend going against the Canadian E Shop

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The Canadian E Shop to most of us Malaysians is considered a Godsend. The rates are much much better instead of purchasing from the US E Shop. That's all fine and dandy, and the only thing you have to put up is paying Canadian Dollar taxes, which is ok. Besides, content for the Canadian E Shop and the US E Shop is similar anyways. (There may be a game or 2 that's default in French language though, but that can be changable) Best of all, Malaysian Credit Cards work with the Canadian E Shop.

But I'm against this to be honest. History lesson coming up!

Back in the glorious days of the Wii, there was a really well known hack in purchasing through the E Shop called " The Brazil Hack." To put it simply, by purchasing the Wii Points from the Brazillian E Shop using your Malaysian Credit Card, you can change the region of the console to US again and then use those points to purchase in the US E Shop. No tax payments required!

Nintendo apparently let this slide when the Wii came out, and until it stopped doing the Points scheme and moved towards currencies. But when the 3DS and the WiiU came out, unfortunately, the Brazil hack no longer worked.

I hope you guys know where I'm getting at now.

The only reason that I would go against the Canadian E Shop is the risk of losing all your games that you purchased from the Canadian E Shop when you migrate to the next generation Nintendo console. Yes, that risk is big. Nintendo disable the Brazil hack in the past. Who's to say that they won't disable the Canadian Hack in the future? Here's what the future might look like for those who have Canadian Nintendo Network IDs:

- You probably can't sync to your phone later when Nintendo and DeNA releases games on your favorite mobile platform (probably due to region restrictions).
- You can't buy anymore new Canadian E Shop Contents if you wish to with the NX.
- Even if you could buy it still, do you know anyone who sell Canadian E Shop Cards/Codes?
- You're stuck having to create a new ID since the old one is not worth it and you want new NX content anyways.

To be honest, this isn't the worst part. The actual worst part? All of this is still uncertain.

But what makes the US E Shop more certain compared to the rest? Who's to say that Nintendo won't just disable the US Nintendo Network IDs as well when the NX or the even the new Nintendo Loyalty program happens? In fact, you probably would just buy the game for the now and not really care about the future anyways. If i'm done with it, why should I play more of it?

Well, perhaps to the collectors they will be the ones hit hard the most. To continue they'd have to make the sacrifices, and so would other gamers under the Canadian Nintendo Network ID. Unless your Canadian native.

If the NX or any new Nintendo console requires you to use only the US ID, then yes you are screwed. So, what I am getting at is to look for the safest option at the moment. Since there is no real Asian E Shop in line (You can ask the Middle East for that question), I can't say for sure what is the best guarantee for you though. We're just stuck as much as we dislike it.

But I will recommend this: If you're opting for the Canadian E Shop, please bare in mind the risks available to you. That's the best I can do. As of now, I'm still gonna enjoy my US E Shop though. Still itching for that Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies...

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