Nintendo E Shop Updates (15th May 2015)

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New Super Mario Bros Wii returns to the Wii Digital Shop! And then there's that translated and digital only Attack on Titan: Chains of Humanity. Now, I wonder if the Capcom sale has started or not though...


Nihilumbra (USD 7.99 until 28th May): An adventure puzzle game. Sounds like my kinda game.

New Super Mario Bros DS Edition (USD 9.99): Come on. You know you shouldn't miss this.

Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue and White (USD 7.99): And then Capcom decides to become a dick and release the old Battle Network. And Legends is still never addressed...

WiiU Sales

Capcoms's 2 Week sale for the WiiU! If you haven't had the chance for Ducktales Remastered, this is it!

Ducktales: Remastered: USD 6.75
Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara: USD 5.99
Resident Evil Revaltions: USD 15.99


3D Thunder Blade (USD 5.99): Sega keeps on rolling out their 3D classics. hey, it's not a bad idea in my opinion

Attack on Titan: Chains of Humanity (USD39.99): To be honest, if the E Shop cards were cheaper, I'd recommend this. But still, if you love the show, this isn't that bad of an offering.

3DS Sales

Majesco and Capcom are teaming up! Plus Atlus is being happy again.

Conception II and SMT Devil Summoner Soul Hackers is on sale next week onwards for a week. Should be half price.

Cooking Mama 4, 5 and Gardenig Mama 2 is also on sale next week onwards

Resident Evil Revelations: USD8.99
Resident Evil 3D Mercenaries: USD7.99
Super Street Fighter IV 3D: USD7.99

No Phoenix Wright, but Revelations is a must play in my opinion.

That's it for this week! See you guys in the next one! :D

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  • AH DANG IT. Thanks dude!

    Kyo on
  • Wrong info Kyo. It’s NSMB DS, not Wii.

    lol on

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