Dark Days ahead for Kyo?

Written by Kyo on

It may very well be actually. 

This month has quite a number of high profile games being released:

12 / 5 : Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remake (PS4) , Project Cars
19 / 5 : Destiny House of Wolves Expansion, Hyperdimension Neptunia Action Unleashed (PSV), The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
22 / 5 : Puzzle and Dragons Z + P&D Super Mario Bros Edition (3DS)
26 / 5 : Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DS (3DS), Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4)
29 / 5: Splatoon (WiiU)
2 / 6 : Mortal Kombat X PS3, Lord of Magna (3DS)
23 / 6 : Batman Arkham Knight

And I am only offering so little of titles to be preordered from. Why is that? Well, there's only 2 3DS titles at the moment being offered for preorders (since yesterday), and then I am not that excellent of a PS seller. (I have no idea why as well. haha)

It does feel awkward out of nowhere, but I feel that in order to counter this looming dark day coming at me, I better do get a back up plan and sell Playstation titles instead.

It should be noted as well that, I am in a very weird position in selling Playstation titles. Apparently, my sales for Playstation titles are not more than what I figured it would be. haha. Then again, I do wish for 5 copies. They don't get to that level even sadly. There was once i managed to sell a bunch of Call of Duty titles, but I blame myself for not being active in Playstation groups for good measure. Heh. (if you want to rope me in, this is a good time for that too. :P Just not in one of the groups that recently had a fiasco. Ya know which one.)

But I look at my April performance and I am very thankful for Story of Seasons. Or else, i'd be flailing around now in my opinion. Huhu. I better restock on E Shop Cards too because that is very much a life saver in my opinion.

So what else can I do, well, the recent Collectors Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur 2015 has helped a little bit too in clearning out some stuff. Sure, it was weird for a game seller to actually be in a collector's toy fair. but hey, people wanted that 3DS LL Eevee edition. So, that worked. hehe.

That being said, I have been invited for another 3DS gathering at the end of the month, so you guys can see me there along with my Smash WiiU TV. So, that's gonna be fun too.

I have been invited for another event next month. So, whatever it is, I should be there once I have settled some of the things for May. I wonder what am i going to do in July though...

Ah well, maybe this post is a plea and cry of help. And I best be selling more Playstation titles. I sure could use some help from you guys. Owh, and don't worry, postage is free for PS titles. hehe.

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  • Oh wow you’ve been through a lot kyo!
    I really wish you all the luck in the business since you’re my only go through online shop when it comes to Nintendo.
    Well, I asked my friend to buy it for me but you get the idea.
    Stay strong kyo!

    Doux on

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