Nintendo E Shop Update (24th April 2015)

Written by Kyo on

It's probably a Mario Kart week with all the wonderful DLCs and Mario Kart DS coming for us. Hehe.


VC Mario Kart DS (USD 9.99): Just in case you haven't had enough of Mario Kart on the WiiU. Just in case.

Mewtwo for Smash Bros WiiU & 3DS as well (USD 3.99 for each, or 4.99 for both consoles) : It's Mewtwo. What are you expecting? Ryu?

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 (USD 8.99, or just buy the season pass for USD 11.99): Animal Crossing tracks, F-Zero tracks, Captain Falcon, OWH MAI.

Mario Kart 8 200cc upgrade (Free): Gotta go....SUPREMELY FAST! /cues Sonic all of  sudden.


Nothing worthy unless you want the Korg items that are on sale, or Cube Creator 3D which looks like a Minecraft rip off.

So, you're stuck with having Mewtwo to master in the game. Ah well.

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