Why Kyo thinks the PS4 and the Xbox One is not that worth it (at the moment)

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I will say this: I have laid hands on both the PS4 and Xbox One. And I have tested it to good measure too. Both consoles have their performing games and their quirkiness as well. At the moment, the Xbox One excels on the fun side of toying with the Kinect Voice Recognition and some of their very great games (Forza for the car maniacs and Killer Instinct for riduculous amount of combos). While the PS4 is excelling at the moment in our country with multiplayer choices such as Killzone Shadows Fall (doesn't matter if it ain't great) or even Resogun (which is the best launch game between the two consoles. Killer Instinct is a close second).

But neither consoles have proven to me the drive to jump into the new gen.

Honestly, it's not that difficult to decipher why in a way:

1. The Xbox One is horrifyingly expensive. The same may not apply to the PS4.

The latest price I heard (and capable of selling) was around RM2,500 just for the second edition of the Xbox Ones. Day One edition is already flat out sold out (But the price itself? It used to be RM3,500 and you need to buy it with 2 games. EEEK)

It does not feel justified to plonk in that money. Not especially for me. Of course, I know the economics better in the case. The price itself (if you were to purchase from Amazon directly) would actually set you back to RM 2,200. That would be the reasonable one at the moment. But the last time anyone did plonk in that much money for a new console launch was for the PS2 (The PS3 wasn't this ridiculous either). So, the price itself, already a turnoff.

As for the PS4, apparently, even after that much uproar and noise among the gaming community, still lead to the console being sold out everywhere during it's launch. No one, and I mean not even Sony nor the importers had extras. That just shows, that even while everyone barked, they still bought it. Meh.

2. There were not enough killer titles.

Knack? Underwhelming. Killzone Shadows Fall? Enjoyable for multiplayer, but not for me. The previous gen titles that are available for the PS4? What's the point if I can shave a few bucks enjoying multiplayer there? (I don't need PS Plus to enjoy free MP on the PS3) Ryse? Too short. Forza? Not a car fan. Killer Instinct or Resogun? Perhaps the only titles I'd buy.

But if you were to ask me to buy a console with just 1 game right now, and seeing no prospects soon enough? (Metal Gear Ground Zeroes is coming for PS3/X360 for cheap as well) I'll pass. Destiny nor Titanfall nor The Order is not so near enough to launch. I can wait it out still.

3. No Astro integration / Waste of electricity to turn the Xbox One into a set top box.

The boast of the Xbox One being a set top box is actually one that I applaud on. Creating my own favorite channel list that I can view from the TV guide is actually something I find very neat.

But, there's no Astro integration. Heck, google "watch Astro on xbox one" and you'll get connecting videos on youtube on how to connect your Astro headset to the Xbox One. Is it worth it? Maybe not.

Plus, I think i'm ok with switching off the entire Xbox One to save electricity. Besides, if I can just turn on 1 machine and save from using another, then, why not? We should all go green and save our electric bill right? (Since TNB just went expensive in it's pricing)

4. The sad Xbox One support in South East Asia.

I applaud Microsoft for targeting the right the cities to launch the console first. US, Australia, UK, all of them had it. But when Malaysians thought that the PS4 would be launched officially in December 2013, they (silently) wanted the Xbox One to appear as well and compete. At the very least, launch it at Singapore! But alas, it didn't happen and won't happen until later in 2014 (April to be exact). A shame, but, such a support is sorely needed.

It's perhaps sad for me that I have my points on not getting the console. While owning them would be lovely, I would still need a bigger personal drive to go get it first. In the mean time, I'll stick with exploring more of the 3DS XL while we wait for more killer titles to come.

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