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At Kyo's Game Mart, I want people to come in here and say a few words about me or my store or my products or my service or whatever that comes into your mind. Hence why I made this page. Feel free to add the your testimonial (in the comments part), and I'll feature your exact words right here (Ok, maybe I will censor some curses if it happens. :P)


As at 4th Feb 2014

firdaus aka bizer886

kyo.. , den still wonder .. if my 2ds pouch… .. ape pon kyo mmg terbaekk .. sgt dipercayai dan pantas .. arini order arini sampai ~~ huuu terbaekkk


When i first google Nintendo supplier in Malaysia, i find kyo is the best of them all.. and since then, i buy cheapest and latest game from Kyo!!

Thank you soo much for supplying Nintendo game for Malaysia…


Yo, Kyo.
You probably remember me as the girl who came to pick up her Pokemon Y game on the day it was launched. You were so friendly (even though our interaction was just you giving me the game and me receiving it) and it was first time dealing with you; and at that instant I knew I would be counting on you in the future for games and such. Oh, and thanks for the freebies!

Anyway, congrats on the website!!

ps: I’m half-Chinese too haha

Jason Lee:

Kyo’s my go-to-guy for my PS3 and Nintendo DS/3DS games and he gives great personalised service, not to mention great prices as well. Keep up the good work man, and congrats on the new site :)

zeromarch - lowyat:

COngrat on your website being launch!!

Here is some thing i like to say:

1) those FAQ is damn nice xD
2) there is minor tpo for 3DS FAQ on No.30 `there is a east way to get nintendo zone’ (should be easy right?)
3) for some reason in home page the upper screen keep `loading’ only
4) the pricing for the game might be a bit confusing for newcomer cause they might think you sell the game at RM 50!! and you know some people just dont like to read the FAQ =x Why dont you stated there that is the PO or deposit only? or make a section of PO game (whereby all is RM50 not real figure) and game you available

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  • Just an update…… please DO NOT GO on saturdays as it is only open on Sundays currenly due to the CMCO….. do not read the bolded statement I am only open on saturdays and sundays part…… cause i just got out of amcorp mall to realise this…….
    Please be aware………

    Duh on
  • I ordered a 3DS from Kyo on Thursday, by Friday, the console dah sampai.

    Sangat-sangat puas hati with the service. Nowonder-lah my friend highly recommend him to me.

    Would definitely repeat buying moar games in the future. :)

    Syaihan Syafiq on
  • sangat-sangat awesome. place order today, tomorrow already sampai. nice one la Kyo. confirm I akan buat repeat order after this. seriously.

    Incek Akim on
  • Den sonang ati ha dapek berurusan dongan beliau.. Servis terbaik dan pantas serta harga lebih murah daripada seller yg lain.. Molto bene kyo.. Majulah kyo utk gamer Nintendo..muahahaha..

    Axl_hakim on
  • I might sound bodek here but for real, so far Kyo’s the best game dealer I’ve met. I couldn’t describe how good his service is, you just have to experience it yourself. And oh, pardon my language, he is fucking honest, compare to those with physical stalls/shops I’ve found somewhere (who altered the price of a mere PSP 3000 not twice, but thrice). Personal opinion, sometimes Kyo’s price is a little bit expensive compare to those stalls/shops but I’d rather let an honest man earns more. He deserves the profit.

    Your name on

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