KGM's 2nd Quarter Profit and Loss Statement for 2015

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In a continuing tradition since the first quarter has a positive response to my sharing, here's the 2nd quarter of KGM's Profit and Loss Statement. Don't be that surprised, this was expected.

Profit and Loss Account for Kyo's Game Mart (Second Quarter 2015)

Items RM
Revenue / Sales 52230
 (-) Purchases 46080.08
Gross Profit 6149.92
 (-) Other Expenses 2357.94
Net Profit 3791.98


So without a doubt, this quarter's sales and profit is so much lower than the first quarter. Again, it was thanks to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate that brought in most of the money. (Majora's Mask 3D however, is a disappointment. I still have a bunch of them here with me. haha.)

To break it down a little further, I can say that May was a bit of a hardhitting month while June was a bit of a savior. Lets begin with a monthly breakdown.

April was fine because of Story of Seasons. You could say that it was my savior for the 3DS market because there really wasn't much going on in April that would have helped me bump up my sales. A shame, but such is expected at times.

May was the hardest because i had to renew my roadtax and insurance (RM 280 terbang~). That and I did spend some money for the Collectors Toy Fair KL which happened on 4th of May 2015. Make no mistake though, that day was so awesome and it was fun being there. The rest of the titles weren't much of a hit. I didn't sell well on Puzzle and Dragons while Splatoon didn't make a major splash in the market (even though lots of people are looking for it now).

June was better performing, because of the new Orderable Games Title initiative. Those pack in quite a good punch since the DS titles are sought after. So if you're interested, there's a bunch more still that you can order yourself. But still, it was pretty fun selling those there at that month. Also, maybe it was what i like to call, Rezeki Ramadhan. Even though Ramadhan itself there weren't that many sales. haha.

Seeing the final profits wasn't a shocker to me. Instead, I feel fine now instead of reaching crazy heights of profits. Sure, it would be good to get more than what my old salary paid me (since I am interested in buying my own house), but I will make do. Plus, the next 6 months of 2015 will be good for me in terms of projects and achievements. It feels like the time is right.

Hopefully the next review won't have to make me wait until mid October to present the third quarter review for this year. Ramadhan took a huge toll on my time. haha. Selamat Hari Raya everyone! :D

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