Nintendo E Shop Update (9th and 16th April 2015)

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Yup, I missed 2 editions, so making it up by writing it here. hehe.


VCDS Warioware Touched: USD 9.99
VCDS Yoshi Touch and Go: USD 9.99
VCN64 Donkey Kong 64: USD 9.99

Not bad. 2 DS titles and an N64 Donkey Kong. I mean, come on. Everyone has fond memories of DK 64. (I never had a 64 of my own though)

Smash WiiU and 3DS DLCs are now available! So you can now dress up as Megaman X even. If you want to.

WiiU Sales

Watch Dogs USD 59.99 to... USD 29.99. FOREVER
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham USD 39.99 to USD 29.99 FOREVER

Well, Ubisoft is now admitting Watch Dogs failure, so, digital is super cheap now. Why not eh?


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D: USD 39.99 (only for New Nintendo 3DS XL)
Pokemon Rumble World: Freemium Game (Meaning free to play, but you may be investing in some diamonds in the game using cold hard cash)
Etrian Mystery Dungeon: USD 39.99

Sheesh. So much trouble. Why can't they just do digital only in the first place? Pokemon Rumble World is doing fine even. hahaha. And then, I never got to sell Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Sad eh?

3DS Sales

Atlus games on Discount again! Code of Princess and Etrian Odyssey Untold Milennium Girl will be on sale beginning 20th to 27th April! I think it's another half price discount again.

StreetPass DLC

Ultimate Angler USD 4.99
Battleground Z USD 4.99

So one is a fishing game, the other is another apocalyptic zombie adventure. All with Streetpass. Then again, I don't think we have that many people who have been disappointed with the StreetPass offerings. They have always been pretty awesome to play.

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