KGM's 1st Quarter Profit and Loss Statement for 2015

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Remember how recently I decided to ask the world what do they think that game sellers should earn per copy of game sold? Now it's my turn to show you the stark reality (at least from my side of the business). What you will be seeing is the Profit and Loss Statement for the first quarter of 2015 (Jan to March 2015) for Kyo's Game Mart. So, without further ado, the details as per below:

Profit and Loss Account for Kyo's Game Mart (First Quarter 2015)

Items RM
Revenue / Sales 90742
 (-) Purchases 79210.85
Gross Profit 11531.15
 (-) Other Expenses 2465.11
Net Profit 9066.04


Note: Other expenses include Poslaju, Fuel for Motor, Phone Line, Unifi Line, monthly website maintenance fee, and other expenses used for event and whatnot.

So far, that's how much I made in 3 months. I gotta admit though, it's a lot lesser than what I got when I was working a 9 to 5 job a few years back, but hey, I can eat. hehe.

Problem is, most of the money is in stocks now, so, trying to get rid as best as I can so i can get some of that money back. Or else, i'm poor. Officially. :P

Hope you feel entertained by this small gesture. I had this in mind because I wanted to be honest with everyone on how much I actually make (Note: Not a lot at all like other sellers). So, here's a bunch of good reason on why I don't have a shop yet and i'm still hauling ass sending games around the city. haha. But hey, I have to admit one thing though, it has been an awesome 8 years. And I really want you all to continue being a part of it.

If possible, the goal I actually have is to deliver smiles to everyone. Well, I know I am delivering alright. So, now to make sure the smiles part get delivered to. Then again, I have been getting laughs for carrots. So, why not eh? :P

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  • Heck. I’m buying you dinner if you ever come down here to JB.haha

    Helmiazm on

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