How to get cheap games now? (Post GST Implementation)

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So most of us are going to have a hard time very soon with all the games going up in price. That's understandable actually. So rather than letting that be the case, below is a very little cheat list that I could think off that would help you in getting games cheaper still. Some of these are still timeless ways of doing it too.

Buy second hand from another gamer who bit the bullet of buying it at full price with GST.

This is common enough. Going second hand is easy. In fact, it may just be the simplest solution. But I expect a few people to get smarter from now on though. For example, "Second hand price go up edy. You are paying GST also". This is bullshit. :P Second hand sellers (if not registered shop owners or registered GST seller) are not allowed to collect any GST on your behalf. Or, another way to look at it is that they are not supposed to be able to get you to pay the GST for them. It's the passing effect, but of course it's not logical. So, remember that if it;s a reduced price for a used game, the second hand seller does not sell it to you with GST excluded. In fact, no inclusion is possible.

The biggest con from all this: If everyone waits for a second hand copy, then no one is going to buy a new one. No business for Kyo lah in that sense. :P

Going full digital.

This is another logical move in my opinion. Most of the gamers in Malaysia are already doing this by way of using their credit card or top up code. The only downside maybe is that with the Top Up codes, they still have to pay for GST on the top up codes. Remember, it is still taxable. That's the sad part.

If you're using the Nintendo Canada E Shop with your credit card, then so far it would have worked well in your favor. Nothing to worry about there. Just hope that the government doesn't start charging you 6% for just using your credit card now. hahaha.

Moving to Langkawi or Labuan (Or basically a duty free area)

While highly illogical for most of us (Considering Langkawi is a tourist island) and Labuan is far.... The other way for you to get these games without getting taxed is to move to an area that has duty-free attached to it's zone. As you guessed, those 2 islands are the examples.

Hey, who know, this might be the first time we get game sellers from Langkawi and could spark a revolution just like how we have Chocolate stores in this side of the world. Haha.

Go to another country and pay their taxes instead

Don't wanna pay the Malaysia Government the taxes they want from you? Then move to another country. Easy as that. So, go Singapore, and pay Singapore taxes instead.

There is a good side here though. To a certain extent, you can claim the GST was paid though (if you're a tourist visiting the country that is). I remember Singapore has a counter that you can claim GST from (up to a certain amount) at the airport. Not sure if it's still there or not though. hahaha.


At the end of it all, there's just no way to actually avoid taxes unless sellers got smarter in their pricing strategies (They pay the GST for you so that you don't have to, priced in GST just to name a few). As Benjamin Franklin (The man on the USD100 bill) once said, " In this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes". 

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