Codename S.T.E.A.M (Kyo's Preview)

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I do like my strategy RPGs. The problem is, I don't see myself playing these often. Very rarely even. Then again, even RPGs are something that I hardly touch nowadays too. But still, when given the chance to play Codename STEAM on the 3DS, I never expected 4 maps to make me feel so gleeful.

Codename STEAM, or Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace, is done by the guys who made Fire Emblem Awakening. So it that already an A plus to the whole game already? Quite so.

The Demo of the game gives you 4 maps, and a nice slew of characters for you to try out. And I find myself really amazed with the progression of the demo itself. The buildup is good enough that at the last Map, it feels like you're playing the actual mission. And let me just say first that, the game is kinda hard as well. 

I loved how you can still traverse the map and keep as many steam as you need to keep in order to plan for your next move. The Overwatch ability is also pretty neat that it helps provide cover so that you can proceed with your other characters even. Heck, I never expected to see myself using a Medic in the game, ever! (I'm a rambo type of gamer. So, yeah.)

There's a little bit of weapon customisation possible, but I think the demo doesn't give much for you to try that out. That's fine, since it's just a demo. But I do see myself wanting to grab all the gear and ensure I get the best rank from the map. Now that's tough, even for me.

I'd recommend everyone to give the demo a try to be honest. Getting orders from Abe Lincoln is already a good highlight in my opinion. And you haven't seen the whole of the crazy cast yet.

PS: If you're wondering on how to get the Physical Copy from Kyo, I can tell you I have no idea at the moment. We are less than 10 days from this write up to have any news on the game arriving physically. So I'd suggest going digital in this case. Truly.

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