A New Nintendo Portable is coming (I think)

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Earlier this year I was reading on a developer interview with some studios on what they think should be in Nintendo's next portable. Seeing that it's 2015, I feel that it's high time that I give this some serious thought though.

Most of you have realised that the "New" 3DS XL was released on 13 February 2015. And only a handful of you managed to get it. Sounds crappy ain't it? No doubt, shortages and confusions and shipments has not been kind nor been helpful in letting everyone get their brand spanking new upgrade. (It's not a new hardware really)

But did many of you realised the following?
- The 3DS first came out on 25th Feb 2011. Tomorrow is going to be it's 4th birthday. Yay!
- Nintendo has been closely eyeing on Sharp's free-form screen tech for something new. Maybe it's the Quality of Life device or a new controller or... maybe a new handheld platform? But free form indeed.
- The technological advancements in terms of graphics from cellphone games has rapidly jumped. The only reason why kiddy/cartoonish looking games like Clash of Clans or Candy Crush works is only because it looks accessible. Have you seen how Infinity Blade stacked up? And I'm just using an older game.
- The Nintendo DS lasted 3 years before being discontinued. The DS Lite, 5 years. The DSi, came in 2 years before the 3DS came out. The 3DS is close to 4 years now.

It is for these reasons that I want to open your eye to something: New Nintendo Portable is coming.

When? Beats me. But as I look at it, I feel that something will be announced at the end of this year, with a launch by the end of 2016.

Is this going to stop you from getting the "New" 3DS XL? Of course not. You should buy it (especially if you have never had it). But if you already have the 3DS or XL and it still works fine, you may not want to really take that big leap over. In fact, you might just be wasting time.

We are no doubt 4 months away from E3 before Nintendo starts pulling out the big guns like Zelda WiiU. Splatoon is coming soon as well. But system seller, maybe not. Zelda WiiU could just be it. But i think in the next 4 months, it is time for some sources to start spilling some beans on Nintendo's next earth shattering portable.

And if Sony is smart enough, best get the Vita an upgrade. The gamers will love you for it.

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  • I believe Big N should concentrate on merging the console with portable. No point separating the dev budget on 2 platforms. To maximise production, make a portable powerful like a console and can connect to TV. Use one OS and make it 3rd party friendly. Integrate it like a smartphone and include the QoL. There is a winner there

    Cmonstar on

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