Defaulting Bravely, and getting it on

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Lets see... I have mainly finished my games to play. owh wait! The Bravely Default demo! How could I forget that.


Surprisingly, the 3D depth level is stunning. Though, shaking the screen (or even your head) might make you feel the correction required to view it properly. So, try not too move to much to like it.

The job class is a nice small touch. Still exploring. So not saying much. Quests can be considered tough, but only if you're good at the brave and default system.

See the whole idea is that you earn Brave Points every turn. If you choose to not do anything, you are basically Defaulting. Defaulting, makes your character defend himself, and keeping that 1 BP for the next turn. So in the next turn, you'll have a chance to do 2 turns, if you wish to.

I find the system pretty neat actually. It's like you know the coming attack is going to hit you hard, so, you pause first by defending, and then either unleash all you got, or play smart by healing and attacking or just plain healing. The strategy is yours.

But this game seems to have a lot of Streetpass features embedded into it. So, this might be a very very good excuse of a game to bring at when you're going for Streetpass gatherings. I think that's pretty neat.

Well, that's all I have for now. I am not done exploring the whole thing yet. But do play around with the AR experience. it's pretty neat as well.

JRPG fans are gonna love the heck out of this title. hehe.

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