NSwitch Doraemon Story of Seasons (MDE Version)

NSwitch Doraemon Story of Seasons (MDE Version)

  • RM21900

Note: Plays on ANY NINTENDO SWITCH BECAUSE REGION FREE BABY. Price stated is deposit required for the game.

Release Date: 11 October 2019. CONFIRMED!

Region: US/ Asian.

Contents: Cartridge and a small little Nintendo Switch box.

Tentative Price : I have no idea. Maybe RM239. Maybe.


Free Postages for all preorders!

Kyo's Description on the Game:


WOW. And I thought we weren't getting an English version of the game. But hey it is actually coming! For real! Just we don't know when exactly.

And Famitsu reviews from last month? Glowing. And if you can understand Chinese, July will have that version instead. I'll wait for September as usual. hehe

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