NSwitch The Witcher 3 Complete Edition (US/Asian Version)

NSwitch The Witcher 3 Complete Edition (US/Asian Version)

  • RM23500

Note: Plays on ANY NINTENDO SWITCH BECAUSE REGION FREE BABY. Price stated is deposit required for the game.

Release Date: This year. Just not sure when yet exactly.

Region: US/ Asian. But it could be Europe also! Gasp

Contents: Cartridge and a small little Nintendo Switch box. And if the US version is given, then there will be so much more than that.


Free Postages for all preorders!

Kyo's Description on the Game:

32GB cartridge, which fits a game, that can give content for at least 200 hours worth. We're waiting to see how the port is being handled, and I really believe, it is going to work.

As long as it is 720p and 30 fps, we're good.

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