[Preorder] NSwitch Daemon X Machina (US/Asian Version)

  • RM5000

Note: Plays on ANY NINTENDO SWITCH BECAUSE REGION FREE BABY. Price stated is deposit required for the game.

Release Date: 13 Sep 2019.

Region: US/ Asian.

Contents: Cartridge and a small little Nintendo Switch box.

Tentative Price : I have no idea. Maybe RM219. Maybe.


Free Postages for all preorders!

Kyo's Description on the Game:

Given a special highlight during Nintendo Direct, and they even have the guts to take fan feedback and show it to the world. It's one way to acknowledge you have flaws. It's another to really act on it.

If you miss the mecha glory of Xenoblade Chronicles X, then give this a shot. But be warned, it's much much faster.

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