Yakuza Zero PS4 Game Box Cover Art

PS4 Yakuza Zero (R2)

  • RM20000
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Note: Plays on ALL Playstation 4 Consoles. 

Release Date: 24 January 2017.

Region: R3

Contents: Game in a standard PS4 blue box. 

Tentative Price (2 Jan 2016): RM 239


Kyo's Description on the Game:

It's funny how 10 years later after the first Yakuza game, they decided to make a prequel of it finally. The fact this is also one of the best Yakuza series to date (Kiwami enhances the original but we'll talk about it much later) piled with a whole lot of new mini games, LIKE CALLING A DATE and TAMIYA BATTLES! Witness how Majima became Mark Hamill and how Kazuma choose to get himself in jail by shielding his bastard of a friend.

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