PS4 God of War (R3)

PS4 God of War (R3)

  • RM21000
  • Save RM1900

Note: The price is tentative depending on the currency exchange fluctuations. If the price drops, then yay! You only need to pay RM 50 for preorder deposit.

Release Date: 20 April 2018.

Region: R3 Asian.

Contents: Game in a PS4 Blue case.

Tentative Price (12 March 2018): RM 229


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Kyo's Description on the Game:

Well, if you never played GOW III, then, sucks to be you. Go play that. But for this chapter we see Kratos up against the Norse gods in an adventure which involves him travelling across the land to terach his son what it means to survive in a harsh world with perils and challenges. Plus you get a bloody cool axe to boot.

Kalau korang tak pernah main GOW III, gi main tu dulu. Pasal kali ni Kratos mengembara dengan anak dia menentang dewa dewa mitos Norse yang penuh dugaan dan cabaran. Lagipun, kapak dia best kot.

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