PS4 Assassin's Creed Chronicles (R2)

PS4 Assassin's Creed Chronicles (R2)

  • RM10000

Note: Plays on ALL Playstation 4 Consoles. 

Release Date: 9 Feb 2016

Region: R2

Contents: Game in a standard PS4 blue box. 

Kyo's Description on the Game:

Kalau bosan asyik main Assassin's Creed dalam 3D, Kyo cadangkan korang main dalam 2.5D pulak. Background 3D, tapi jalan dia macam style game Mario/platformer/Castlevania. Game ni jer ada 3 game berlainan, China, India, ngan Russia. Dan so far cerita dia lagi ok berbanding beberapa game yang lepas. Tapi Syndicate sekurang-kurangnya best jugak lah dalam series.

If you got bored with the 3D versions, play this 2.5D version instead. The background may be popping but it still has that nice 2D platformer feel. Also, it talks about the Assassin's from India, China and Russia. It's definitely than a lot of the series, but Syndicate is pretty dazzling as well.

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