Kyo's Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Tournament


2 Fighters.

2 3DSs.

5 Rounds.

2 Sets.

1 Kyo.


And only 1 Winner.


Think you got what it takes to beat me? Bring your SSFIV A-Game on for a chance to win a USD20 Nintendo E-Shop Cash Code!

How to enter: Just come to the Nintendo 3DS Third Anniversary Event on 22nd March 2014!

Tournament time: 1.30PM to 2.30PM

Who is eligible: Anyone! But bring your personal 3DS. That's better. It will also help if you have a copy of the Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.

How to win: You have 2 chances to beat Kyo in a 2 set, 5 round match. You win all 10 rounds, and you win! In the event where there is no winner, the one with the most wins in the 2 sets is the winner.

Match Settings: Unlimited Time, 5 rounds, any character usable. IT'S A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!


Got what it takes? My fists are waiting for you. BRING IT!