Orderable PC Digital Games

As the Malaysian Ringgit goes to a period of ups and downs, I figured it would be best to create this short list of digital PC games that you can purchase through contact form. That way, I can change the price easily. Below is the list of games available for you to purchase and preorder under the PC Digital section:

Latest Games (Updated as at 24 January 2016)

(Steam) Alien: Isolation: RM 75
(Steam) Metal Gear Solid V: RM 199
(GOG) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: RM 115
(GOG) The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone: RM 55
(GOG) The Witcher 3 Season Pass: RM 120
( Diablo 3:Reaper of Souls: RM 95 (D3 at RM 95)
(Steam) Civilization 5: Complete Edition: RM 75
(EA Origins) Dragon Age Inquisition: RM 105
(Steam) Batman Arkham Knight: Premium Edition: RM 115
(Steam) Football Manager 2016: RM 199
(EA Origin) FIFA 16: RM 190
(Steam) Civilization: Beyond Earth: RM 80
(Steam) Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Expansion: RM 99
(Steam) Call of Duty Black Ops 3: RM 155
(Steam) Fallout 4: RM 195
(EA Origin) Star Wars: Battlefront: RM 230
(Battle.Net) Star Craft 2: The Legacy of the Void: RM 155
(Steam) Fallout 4 Season Pass: RM 133
(UPlay) Assassin's Creed Syndicate: RM 150
(UPlay) Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six Siege: RM 199
(Steam) Just Cause 3: RM 190
(Rockstar Social Club) Grand Theft Auto V: RM 185

Pre Orderable Games
"Price may change the later you preorder"

(EA Origin) Need for Speed: RM 235
(Steam) Rise of Tomb Raider: RM 205 (26 Jan 2016)
(Steam) Street Fighter V: RM 169 (19 Feb 2016)
(Steam) Lego Marvel's Avengers: RM 90 (Deluxe edition, with Season Pass: RM 125) (26 Jan 2016)
(Steam) XCOM 2: RM 185 (5 February 2016)

Every purchase of a PC Digital Game from Kyo will come with ANOTHER FREE PC DIGITAL GAME! While stocks last of course. :D

Contact me at or let me know the title you're interested in by just filling in your details below! :D