Lucky Draw Time!


Kyo's Game Mart is proud to invite everyone to join a small lucky draw raffle! It's your chance to win some cool stuff sponsored by yours truly! Owh, and if you're looking to win a copy of Pokemon OR or AS, this is also a good chance to do it too!

Best of all: Every lucky draw raffle ticket is entitled to a (One) FREE BOX OF POKEFOODS!

The PokeFoods given away are:
Lava Cookies
Rare Candy
Old Gateau

Prizes will be kept as a mystery until the day of the event. It may include Pokemon OR or AS copies, and other games too!

Each Lucky Draw Raffle Ticket will be priced at RM10. Sale of Lucky Draw Raffle Ticket will be made available the whole day.. Lucky Draw will be counted at the event day only, so, sorry for those who can't make it to the event! And so is the PokeFood distribution. 

ROIs are now open and attendees can purchase as many raffle tickets as they like. As we will have limited time to make the PokeFood, there will be only 400 packs available to given away! If you don't care much about the lucky draw but want the food, you still have to purchase the raffle ticket to get it. 

From each sale of the lucky draw ticket, RM1 will be placed aside as donation to a Video Game related charity. Charity to be donated to will be decided soon. You are more than welcome to also add into the charity box that will be made available during event day.

For more info, please contact Kyo at with the title "Lucky Draw". If you would like to send me your ROI and how many raffle tickets you would like to purchase, please do not hesitate to send an email with the same "Lucky Draw" title. You may also pre-purchase the raffle ticket for collection on Event Day (to make things smoother and faster). Looking forward to seeing you all there!