Kyo's Pokemon X&Y Tournament

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Pokemon X & Y Tournament!

The tournament will focus on the Pokemon X and Y game that was released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS game console. The tournament is open to all the attendees of the ORAS Party. The tournament aims to offer cash prizes and other prizes from other sponsors as well.

Main Tournament : Pokemon X and Y.

Tournament Format: Swiss.

  • Max Targeted Participants: 128
  • Based on official Pokemon rules governed by The Pokemon Company

Please refer to the VGC rules for 2014 as per the link below:


Requirements to enter:

  • A Nintendo 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL/LL (Fully charged. Ensure battery is available at all times)
  • Your choice of Pokemon X or Y game cartridge
  • Entry Fees: RM 10 for all aged 18 and above
  • Entry Fees: Free for Primary and Secondary School Students

    FAQ (Will be updated from time to time)

    Why is the Entry Fee FREE for in Primary and Secondary School Students?

    • Kyo’s Game Mart is interested to encourage the younger generation of trainers to embrace the competitive side of the game with other trainers. While we have been playing since Red and Blue came out, these younger trainers may not. And we want them to know there’s more to gaming and battling than just playing Minecraft and Candy Crush.

    Can I use another player’s 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL console if I don’t have one?

    • You can, but not from another tournament player.

    Can I use another player’s Pokemon X or Y cartridge or save file?

    • This is strictly not allowed. We can’t have you using another players set of Pokemons to battle with other players. However, I can accept if it’s a traded Pokemon. As long as it’s not borrowed from another tournament player, which he/she uses the same one as well.

    Can I use my hacked and cloned Pokemons for the tournament?

    • Absolutely NOT. Cheaters are for losers. Nuff said!

    Can we use Legendaries for this tournament?

    • As per the VGC 2014 rules, Diancie, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde and Mewtwo are not allowed. All other Kalos Dex region (Central, Coastal, Mountain) are ok.

    What happens in the event of a disconnect between both players during battle?

    • Players will have to start from the beginning once again. If such an occurrence occurs again, Kyo and the marshalls will decide on the next course of action.


      Tentative Split of Prizes for the Pokemon X and Y Tournament (Will update when new targets are met)

      Winners List



      RM 200 + Choice of either Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire + USD 20 Nintendo E Shop Cash Code

      First Runner Up

      RM 100 + Choice of either Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire + USD 20 Nintendo E-Shop Cash Code

      Second Runner Up

      RM 50 + Voucher for use at Kyo’s Game Mart + USD 10 Nintendo E-Shop Cash Code


      The amount of cash prizes increases if Kyo's Game Mart receives more entry!

      64 Participants or below: RM 200, RM 100, RM 50

      Between 64 to 96 Participants: RM 300 + USD 35 Nintendo E Shop Cash Code, RM 150, RM 75

      Between 96 to 128 Participants: RM 400 + 1 copy of Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire EACH + USD 35 NIntendo E Shop Cash Code, RM 200, RM 100


      Click on the image above to download the registration form.